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If my protagonist Nyingtob Tshering was born to a Muslim Family

 Had my protagonist Nyingtob Tshering of my recently published Book ‘Eight: Nyingtob Tshering’s Amazing Journey was born to a Muslim family far in one of the war torn Middle-East countries this is what I see as a plot summary of the story.

ISIS Fighter
His name would have been loosely translated as “Ammar Afraz   Aiman” meaning ‘long life, un-put-down-able and fearless’ guy. If we consider his appearance; a tuft of hair on his chin, a turban on his head and a blank and white striped scarf worn around his neck. With a heavy gun dangling from his right shoulder he stands tall and strong. Ready for every bullet under the scorching sun of Middle-East. That’s a Muslim version of yours truly Nyingtob Tshering in a far -away place.

Ammar Afraz Aiman is self-made Military General who has a large number of loyalist under his command to fight against the ISIS. His reputation as a fearless Military General has resonance far and wide. The enemy would hesitate to launch attacks against his troops. ISIS declares Ammar as one of the hurdles that obstructs their ultimate victory in the region.

One fine day, a messenger comes with a news. Amidst heavy firing from both sides, the messenger shouts out to inform Ammar that his father has been assassinated. And his wife and two sons disbanded. The reason for the assassination and the ill-treatment meted to his family is Ammar’s involvement in the fight against the mighty and the ruthless ISIS militants.

He decides to drop his gun, leave his life as a Military General and sets off to become an evangelist in otherwise a war torn country and help his folks who believe that “Power comes only from the barrel of a gun”.

He knew that if he ever comes out in open, he would be killed too. Desperate and hopeless he calls on one his fellow fighters to find a place for him to contemplate on his own life and learn the greater meaning of life itself.

The fellow fighter returns within a day and instructs Ammar to live and learn inside a wrecked Masjid few kilometers away from their made-shift military base. The fellow fighter arranges many priests who visit Ammar and teache him lessons from the Holy Qur’an. Only one priest could come and meet him on assigned day and time. No priests was given a second invitation to visit and teach him. All priests are brought blindfolded to the wrecked Masjid where Ammar would be ever ready to learn. This precautions are taken to prevent Ammar’s seclusion.

A Few lessons from Qur’an which the several priests who visited and shared with Ammar are;

(4:148) Evil must not be noised abroad in public speech except where injustice has been done. 
(25:74) "Wives and offspring be the comfort of our eyes". (2:187) Husband and wife should be like garments of each other.
(17:53) Say those things that are best. (31:19) Speak fair to the people
(30:22) Differences in colours and languages are signs of Allah. They must not be exploited for the disunity of mankind.
(2:188; 5:32; 6:152) Protection of life and property. (2:85) No one can be banished from his home.
(2:286) The burden of one cannot be placed upon the shoulders of another. Also, no burden can be placed upon a soul greater than it can bear. (2:83) Treat with kindness those in need.
(2:168) Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good. (7:31) Eat and drink but waste not by excess.
(46: 13, 19) Honour and respect is due only to that individual whose "deeds" qualify him for the distinction. 
(2:44) Do not enjoin right conduct on the people and forget to practice it yourself.
(49:12) Avoid suspicion as far as possible and spy not on each other, nor speak ill of each other behind their backs.

At the end of the story, with great difficulties and determination and with some help from divine elements, he manages to curve a niche for himself in the wall of fame of humility. For he could re-teach the world about the essence of peace, love, care, harmony and happiness and transforms his Country and the World to a far better place to live. For Himself. For his Folks in Middle-East and the whole of Humanity worldwide.

There you have it....Ammar Afraz Aiman in his own setting and problems to over come..Nyingtob Tshering at home has his own share of problems to fight and to inspire his own people in his own community.

#My Book Eight:Nyingtob Tshering’s Amazing Journey is a publication of DSB, Thimphu. And the story is written in a Cinematic Approach. Limited copies available. Go get your copy folks and Read the Bhutanese version of the story I have shared as a post here.

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