Saturday, November 28, 2015

Buddha Revelation: Magic on the Sky of Kuensel-phodrang

[The event I have witnessed yesterday has some striking similarities with the fiction story that I have intended to publish. My small book talks about the teachings of Buddha and how it becomes helpful to an addict to recover and leads a productive life. The book is of 49 pages only. I have not been able to mend organizations and meet people who could help me publish the book. The first printed form has been laying on my bookshelf for three months now. Hope the menu-script of the book will not remain on the shelf forever. Or did I write the book only for my shelf? Ha..ha… Anyways…Enjoy reading the following narration.]

Walking home yesterday evening from Thimphu City was rather serene because there were few strollers and vehicles plying along the Express Way. May be it was too cold a weather for our fellow Thimphulites to come out. The stage was uncommon. We almost literally took the ownership of the municipality road for an evening!..ha..ha..

For my wife and for me the serene walk became even more blissful. How? We saw something on the Sky of Kuensel-phodrang! Unusual yet peaceful. Luminosity at its Best!

While walking further down towards our resident at Changzamtog, our attention was stroke by the presence of an image of Buddha’s face right above the Hindu Mandir. At that moment we had just passed Thimphu Pry School building.

It was 6:50 PM when we noticed the image. My wife and I kept looking at the unusual sight as we walk home till it disappeared at around 7:20.
Tashichedzong at Night (Image:google)

Memorial Chorten (Image: Google)
Many land structures around Thimphu city have been made luminous with colorful lights. The architectural aspect of the structures are also clearly visibly from far distance. All structures look stunningly beautiful. I salute the mind that had a space for such an initiative. Thank you. The colorful lights are there to make the structures stand out during the night and it does add beauty to our small city.

The sighting of the image of Buddha’s face on the sky will not be a big deal if the concern authority had the good intention of throwing light on the structure of Buddha to create a huge shadow on the sky. Hats off to the authorities who had the vision and wisdom to do so. If it wasn’t their intention….than it is purely the Revelation of Buddha himself.

The lights had more to do than to bring the beauty of the Buddha’s Statue at night; the appearance on the sky is quite symbolic…I would like to think so. It represents Victory of Good over Evil, Dharma over malignity and victory of light over Darkness!

We would not take the credit of discovering the formation of image as it’s just another simple principle of Physics in action! Throw a light and you get a shadow on the other end. Though the principle here has been used productively (if it is used so to create a shadow of Buddha on the sky). However, having born to a Hindu family and being an ardent follower of teachings of Buddha I had a great time to witness the revelation!

With the help of the lights, the Statue is visible, laden with warmth and has its replica on the dark sky. I would like again to stress on the probabilities of everything…The appearance could mean; “Buddha is always there! To guide, to heal your wound and to help you even during the darkest time of your life.”  Or is it saying “Be aware (don’t go against the teachings of Buddha)….Buddha is Watching YOU!”  It could mean anything.

To sum up, the magic on the sky could be intentional with the use of physics or mere coincidental incident but it surly appeared magical and blissful. We indeed felt blessed to have been able to see the HOLY ONE on the dark sky with our naked eyes.

By the way, I shall view the sky to feel at peace this evening too. Hope you would also glue your eyes on the sky of Kuensel-Phodrang this evening around 6:50 PM to 7:20 PM. Will you folks?

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