Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The (Hopeful) October Sky!

The October Sky

Those Leaves on trees haven't fallen down
Down on those lush green ground

Milky white cloud float gently above
Above that beautiful clean blue sky

Flowers still bear their unique fragrance
Fragrance that lure butterflies and bees

I feel the calmness in those cold afternoon breeze
Breeze that makes me feel i still have some more breath to breathe

In all those moments i envey their resilience
Resilience that urge me to hope for beautiful or at least a better life for me

I dare expect for warmth and wonders to visit me
Under this hopeful October sky
Before all surrender their death to the unforgiving freezing winter

I wish i could sing a beautiful song of praise
For they forged me to dare a promising dream
A Dream that shall remove all my unkindly inconveniences
And thus I may shed all my greviences
Or at least wash my long due regrets!

Monday, October 21, 2019

The other equally dashing, young and energetic volunteer teacher at Druk!

He is Panav Rai,  a class XII science graduate waiting to enroll himself in his choice of tertiary education in few months time. As he awaits, he is with us at Druk! Yes...... he is the other young and energetic volunteer teacher who i interviewed last June. 

When i come across such young people sacrificing their time and energy for community enhancement i am made too believe there is still a monumental HOPE in humanity. Keep Going Bro! 

Enjoy what this young man has to say about volunteerism, education and how importance is discipline in life to become what one aspires to. 

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1. Your life philosophy:
The philosophy I believe in is to "be our own definition of 'good'. It is enough to save this world of ours"

2. What the World need to know about your youth volunteer group? (basic facts)
Y-VIA does much more than child protection workshops. The peer tutoring project to Druk School is one among others. We have been actively involved with other volunteers in various other activities to benefit the community.

3. What made you choose Druk School to render your service as a volunteer teacher? 2 points
We had heard from our coordinator that there is a shortage of teaching faculty in Druk school. There was no better of an opportunity for us to render our services. 

The other reason would be our interest to help in our own little ways and make the most of our holidays. 

4. Your say on the student’s conduct and their aptitude and attitude towards their studies?
They are driven to be the best at what they are most interested in. There is a balanced distribution in terms of academic performance and their average performance in exams is up to the mark. But on the other hand, they might outsmart even our teachers when it comes to knowledge other than that  of the textbooks.

5. What three things you see 'best' in druk school?
The policy of having zero waste on the school is the most appealing as the lesser the dustbins, lesser the production of waste. 

Wednesdays are probably the days that everyone looks forward to at Druk School. The club activities that the teachers and students engage on gives everyone a break from the metronome life at school.

The value that has been instilled in Druk School whereby the students are are not pressured to be dynamic in academics only is the most appeasing. To produce versatile student graduates is far better to lead them to success in life. 

6. Three suggestions you may wish to submit for the betterment of the school.
It would be good to see the students marching properly during after assembly.

Boys having to cut their short is becoming an issue. I think that a suitable hair length can be kept so that they look tidy and are satisfied with their hair.

From my observations, the bell that rings to signal the end of every period seems to be merry but the high pitch seems to be bothersome to the ones in the hallway. A change of tune could perhaps could help a little.

7. What incident in your life prompt you into volunteerism?
It is the pleasure that I get from volunteerism that motivates me further. There has not been any particular incident as such but the enthusiasm from my volunteerism from middle schooling has led me in taking up as a volunteer.

8. Your early schooling?
I have studied my primary level of schooling in Etho Metho School and the Early Learning Centre. It is where I have had the foundation of what I am today.

9. Your academic persuades hence forth?
I would like to pursue a course in medicine as it has been my passion since my early childhood. 

10. And lastly , Your  advice to the students of Druk School.
As someone who just passed high school I may not be in a position to advise but it is my suggestion to these younger ones to try their hands on whatever opportunities they get as students; that privilege is lost once we graduate from school. We may fail at times which is okay as we learn from them. 

It is essential for all of us to be well educated and hence we must all work hard academically. It is equally important to have fun as well as it is not the grades but the mellow memories that one cherishes  during a lifetime.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Gratitude to a fellow volunteer teacher On International Youth Day

Hi sangay, though this interview was done some months ago...i am sorry i couldnt find another note-worthy day to post your interview than today. Thus, please except this post as my expression of gratitute to you for rendering your service as a volunteer teacher at my school. May your spirit of volunteerism continue to benefit and inspire many young people towards self-less service.. 

1. Your life philosophy.

Life gets trickier every time we take a step forward but what must not be lost is the HOPE of being able to walk over all the obstacles life offers no matter how much courage it takes because we must 'live'our lives not just try and be a survivor of this beautiful world.

2. What the World need to know about your youth volunteer group?

We belong to the youth group known as Y-VIA (Young Volunteers In Action) which is under The Bhutan Youth Development Fund. It was initiated in March 2003 to support the efforts of YDF and to represent the youth in YDF activities. 

3.What made you choose Druk School to render your service as a volunteer teacher?

Thankfully Druk School was kind enough to allow 12 pass out students like us to volunteer and help the students of 7th and 8th grade when our Regional Coordinator of Y-VIA, Ma'am Jotshna Gurung (a teacher of YHSS and a parent of one of the students who studies in Druk) came to know about the shortage of teachers in this school during PTA and she took the initiative to ask us and write an application to the school to render our voluntary work like we always do wherever needed. That's how we got this wonderful opportunity to interact and learn with the students of Druk.

4. Your say on the student’s conduct and their aptitude and attitude towards their studies?

Students of Druk are impressive in their studies and also when it comes to communication skills. Their level of language (speaking and as well as writing) is honestly very good and I am quite surprised how good they are for this age. I am glad to tell that the teachers have done their best in being the inspiration for the students' achievements in their intellectual skills. 

5.What three things you see 'best' in druk school?  

First thing that I like about this school is how different the policies are that are almost as same as the outside countries which signifies our country's movement towards modernization even in the educational system. Next, I like the co-curricular activities the school offers to the students because that gives them the platform where students learn more than what's there in the textbooks and gives them the opportunity to explore and discover their passions. Lastly, I appreciate the policy of helping the primary students or rather the very young ones to reach their classes and carry their lunch boxes to their classes by the elder students. It's a good practice and that'd be a source of inculcating the sense of responsibility and volunteerism in the students. 

6. Three suggestions you may wish to submit for the betterment of the school.

I'd like to suggest the school to have more of life skill classes to all the students so that they not only grow academically but also morally. I feel like few students lack the knowledge of life and the people where they need to learn how to be selfless and have a better understanding of how to deal with people and their friends. If they are inttectually very good and do not have certain morals in life then I feel like they'll have a tough time to be a real grown global citizen. Topics like anger management, compassion, sense of belongingness, sense of responsibility and respectfulness must be reminded to them relating to practical experiences that occur in the community. 

7. What incident in your life prompt you into volunteerism?

Well, there really wasn't an incident which prompted me to take up this so-called 'volunteerism'. It just happened when my friend asked me if I wanted yo volunteer at a summer program that's conducted every year at YDF known as Golden Youth Award Camp. I was not really looking forward to that thing but somehow I thought I should give it a try. Then that was it- I was obsessed with volunteering. I met a lot of students there, got to experience new things in life and at the end of the program, it gave me a sense of satisfaction because it was worth the try. Then I started volunteering at other programs as well because I knew what it feels to be a volunteer and to render our services because in exchange we learn new life-changing skills that completely enhance our ability to be a part and to contribute to this society in small ways.

8. Your early schooling?
I studied at Etho Meto school, then at Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School till sixth grade and after that I went to Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School where I studied till the tenth grade. Lastly, I studied my last school years at Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School till twelfth grade and graduated from YHSS in the year 2018.

9. Your academic persuades hence forth?
After this voluntary work, I'll be pursuing BA in English at Sherubtse College from July which was of course the program which I've always wanted to study. The beauty of English literature has captivated me for so long and now I would be finally exploring its beauty in depth.

10. And lastly , Your  advice to the students of Druk School.

I would like to convey this message to all the students of Druk School that life's gonna be real hard at times but what must not be forgotten is hope. Hope doesn't necessarily come with a paper with some instructions on it to move on with life but it lives within ourselves and what we have to do is look for it during the times of need. It's like a small spark but once when you find it, it radiates just like the sun with all its brightness. When you've actually found that small light, it gives you a reason to be strong and to move on, leaving all those miseries in the past. The will to try harder next time when you've failed in exams or when you've disappointed yourself and your parents, is hope. That very 'will' is the hope that takes you ahead with life. Therefore, no matter how tough life gets, just don't worry about it way too much. Make sure you learn from those mistakes and give your best the next time you do it. Study hard and chase your dreams!!!!

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Visit again tomorrow at 730pm as i post another interview to mark the internation youth day, 2019. I shall post an interview with another volunteer teacher mr. Pranav(who still serves as a volunteer teacher here in our school)

Pranav, Sangay and their friemd yeshi had volunteered as substitute teachers while they were waiting for the commencement of their tertiary education.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Give us a Hospital and a school in Hangay, Kalimati AKA Sengaygang: A Compensation payment for ‘zoo keeping’ the wild-elephants.

Past 20 or so years residents of my village and the neighboring villages namely Peljorling, Balbotay, Namgaycholing, GhaNgatey, Norjangsa to name a few…. have suffered greatly from wild-elephants encroachment. My village and Peljorling notably has have borne the brunt of wild-elephant activities the most. Some have lost their lives too, many lost their properties in terms of hard-earned annual harvest and some lost their ancestral house.

Bad news! Things have not changed much after so many years. Worse! The damage caused by elephants has been only escalating. And this year has been notably the hardest hit year ever. My fellow villagers spent sleepless nights guarding their crops. If elephants destroy their crops both their sleep and labour is lost. And it’s a rare incident when elephants come and go without inflicting damages. 

The Local government and the central Government both have done many things possible to benefit the locals. From solar electric  fencing(It didn’t work) to crop insurance scheme( it became too unpopular because of the low encashment in case of any crop damage) and in helping to build up the QRT (Quick Response Team) from among the villagers to petrol during the nights so dwellers are alerted at the earliest about the approach of wild elephants. 

I have a good news too! One must understand that the human wild elephant conflict is an old problem now and an old solution will not help us any longer. Old problems need newer solutions to tackle them efficiently. 

Correct me if I am wrong. In this issue some Bureaucrats need to make use of their ‘joker’ card to play the game!  I understand that the Local government, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest and environmentalists are mandated to play their ‘special card’ on issues like this. Many people may not know this. When an endangered animal like the Asian elephants walk the face of the southern foothills they need to not only act righteously to protect the locals but also judiciously to preserve the nation’s wealth- the (wild) elephants. 

Even aspiring Political Candidates also never take this issue quite seriously. Because firstly, it’s almost impossible for us to stop the mighty elephants from entering our fields…. Secondly, like I mentioned earlier, on conservation issues the presence of elephants along the southern belt of Bhutan is a source of great pride for the nation…and its equivalent to a pricy jewel especially for environmentalists and wild-elephant conservation and protection agencies both national and of international repute. 

Since the day when elephants started destroying our crops…we have been trying to stop them and never thought of co-existence…We never did…but we must now…like they say what you cannot change, you must embrace it! We cannot change the course of the wild-elephants but local and central govt can change the way how they treat the affected people. 

We must change our point of view! Of wild elephants and their activities. We must embrace their presence so we benefit better. The local and central government and the elite politicians need to also change the way they function towards such local issues. They must think rationally and pull their sleeves to do something concrete and more beneficial. Lip-service is an old tactics…it may not work anymore now. 

I have few suggestions if you may like to have:

1. Provide subsidized ginger and chili seeds for farmers (of elephant affected areas) to grow and also assist them in marketing their produce. (Ginger and chili are some of the vegetables/crops which elephants don’t like to eat).

2. Provide training and facilities for Bee Honey Harvest to the locals. This item will be an alternative source of income.  

3. Provide subsidized/or free jersey cow for each resident (of elephant affected areas) for dairy produce (we already have a dairy farm producing ice-cream and other dairy products. The extra milk will only help the dairy farm produce more or/ the local government can explore other alternatives too). It will be a good (safer because elephant don’t eat cows…) source of income for the affected residents. 

4. Refer the title of this post. To ensure good health of the immediate affected locals and also school going children can attend school regularly. They need not also have to walk 2 kilometers to reach their present school at Peljorling. They can use the down time (50 mins to reach present school) to spend it for Self-study at home which will benefit them to excel in their academics. 

Enough of this wild-elephant ‘business’ without any economic or social benefits being enjoyed by the immediate affected locals. What locals encounter is more losses than gains. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forest need to do more than just the supply of seeds and the arrangement of occasional yet grandiose visits of our Forest staff to witness crop damage with their loaded guns! Exercise some CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to help us better. Oh Dear, the least the government of the day can do is to Pay us by constructing a hospital and a school in our community as a compensation payment for ‘zoo keeping’ the wild-elephants for last 20 years. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

The story of a kitty cat and her kittens

Lately my fellow villagers have been uploading photos after photos of the destruction caused by wild elephants on their social networks in their desperate attempt to inform concern authorities so our common greviences could be heard loud and clear.

Admist this great disappointment and sleepless nights, I would like to share a story of humility and humanity. A story of love between human and animal: A Story of a Kitty and her kittens.

Well, this post may not help stop the wild elephants at large but it certainly will re-assure the spirit of humanity and advocate that kindness and humility shall triumph  forever and ever.

So here it goes.....You know how it rains in the South. Its inexplicable specially when in summer. 

On one such rainny day, my mom and dad were on their way for the regular work at our small areca nut orchard nearby our house.

Before they could reach the orchard they need to cross a thick tiger-grass bush. Thats where the real story begins: The 'inciting incident' so to say of this mega real life story.

As they approach towards the orchard, my mother heard a kitty cry somewhere inside that thick tiger-grass (or 'centella asiatica') bush. 

They could hear the kitty cry in the following three days too. They felt something is really not ok with the kitty. Thus they finally decided to get through the thick bush. 

And alas, as they expected, they found a plastic cement sack from where the crying sound of the kitty could be heard. 'Human can at times become so inhumane! Exclaimed my parents as they untangled themselves out of the thick bush with the mysterious sack in their hand. The unfortunate kitty is imprisoned inside the sack. 

Returning to an open space, they started to open the sack. The opening of the sack was fastened around its neck several times which made it almost impossible for my parents to open it. They had to cut the sack wide open with a sickle to finally let free the destitute kitty. Oh dear, though not so well but kitty is safe!

Now free from the heinous treatment...For next half an hour the kitty just couldn't move a bit. Her eye sight was also effected.  May be it must be because of the severe dehydration and starvation. 

Soon, they took her home and took real good care of her and fed her well too.

That was 7 months the fortunate kitty has two lovely kittens of her own and they live in our store room and happily play and run around with my son and nephew! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

While I wait!

Among other gloomy visitors wishing to never ever return.
To hospital or to doctor.
I sit on a cold steel chair in the foyer. 
With a blank dull OPD sheet in my hand.
Call bell blares endlessly from inside the doctor's chamber.
While i wait for my turn outside
I am forced to retrospect on the following line,
'Hospital is akin to our life',

Like good friends, elders and our parents 
Doctors are our well wishers
They present to you the best possible way.
For they think good of us always. 

Prescribed drugs are doses of motivation and inspiration.
Aspiring human to perform better 
Like they subdue the bloated surface or kill harmful bacteria.
Removes your self-doubt and weaknesses
Making the perfect that you were or Sometime ever better. 

Diagnoses are failures in life
You then know what to do and to avoid.
You have better choices to make.
The destiny you wish to create.

Getting discharged from hospital bed is equal to learning a valuable lessons of life.
The 'second chances' you may call them.
It makes you realise how much you have missed from life.
The moments you can't pay to get them back.

Sadness and happiness 
Hope and desperation
Breath and breathless
Like the moments in our life
The hospital's corridors and
The whitewashed walls have heard and seen them all.

We have to wait for good news or for bad.
Be humble and always be positive .
Life and hospital aren't a pizza stand.
In life and in hospital
You only get what you need
And not what you want! 

I think..Life and hospital resemble  each other in many ways.
They complement each other too.
'Hospital is akin to our life'
My  this retrospection is brought to stand still
When I heard the call bell and saw my service  number on the screen
Thus I didn't have to wait anymore
To meet one life to make the other one better!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Loneliest cry

Loneliest cry of a differently abled 3 years old boy in my neighbourhood makes my heart ache. 

He has the loveliest smile on that lovely face flawlessly designed for  whoever walks across his small lawn.

His eyes move along with his wide-selfless smile on those  'moving' feet that he only wish to have.

He does have a pair of legs to call it so 
but are useless like those  memories that adorne his widow mother.

For his dad was too good for this world he had to leave him when he was too young in the arms of his ailing mother.

Now the ailing mother has a rich memories of her three years old son. His legs cant move but his smile and words move her enough. Touchs her heart and endlessly bring a pool of tears.

Like a loving mother she doesn't want to get separated from her only son. How much better he is taken care of she claims to give him the very best.

I know it's the warmth of a mother taking better of her now. The warmth is speaking aloud for her action but who knows the son would have wished for something different? When he gets the sense of the situation! 

I pray 'someone' with bigger heart walks across his small lawn someday soon.

Not to let his eyes and smile move along with those 'walking' feet but to hold him up and show a whole new world to him. 

For sure those wide-selfless smile will move you too 
Equally or even more i dont know But those loneliest cry of the differently abled 3 years old boy keeps aching my heart! 

The (Hopeful) October Sky!

The October Sky Those Leaves on trees haven't fallen down Down on those lush green ground Milky white cloud float g...