Saturday, May 27, 2017

I found my Hero!

Mr. Tshewang Tenzin,  the Executive Director of Chithen Phendhey Association proudly endorsed my book "Eight: Nyingtob Tshering's Amazing Journey" on late Saturday morning by gracing the 5th event of a series of 8 events to launch my book.

"We must first understand addiction....then we will be able to solve the problem", he said as we conclude our two-hours of discussion on addictions, relapses, "writing" as an act of solace, interpretation of dreams and the recent Nation wide advocacy programme in which he was passionately involved.

Before I left his office i bowed down sincerely before him to show my respect and gratitude for his selfless service in helping people become productive citizens and for initiatives undertaken to create a drug free society. For you, for our children and for all of us.

Folks! You dont have to flip endless pages of books or watch movies to find a hero in your life! Very down to earth....yet way above thousand of us...a person is made hero by his/her selfless acts..I met him. I met my Hero! Cheers!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Monologue: Your dreaded Gangster Nyingtob Tshering pours his heart out.

"Lekey left me....right after my dad's funeral rites got over...she attended the ceremony...not to console and support me...she had attended to be with my ailing mother for she felt for her…the pain of losing someone special and the loneliness that mother lost her lifelong friend and Lekey knew what it meant...she was a sensible woman....who could sense a lot...But without a word...she left.she left to never return...she left to live her life far away from me...away from my world.

I can still feel the warmth of the funeral pyre...those fire fringes and the heat that consumed every bone and flesh of my father...burnt it down to black and grey and turned it into nothing but ashes......I am sorry dadI couldnt be the man you always dreamt of Every time I think about myself.... I miss him even more...and I shed tears.and those tears only pray for forgiveness as they roll down my cheek.

My father was the kindest I knew a man could be. He was also as brave as he was kind. He was, he is and will be my hero. My dad had to sacrifice his life to save me from being beaten and dragged by a gang. He was stabbed thricebleeding blood and braveryhe saved his only son. He reached me home like a war comrade who never leave anyone behind...but he couldnt make itnow I am left all alone.

My mother… she is also not doing well since then…and when I look at her I am reminded of all my failuresI know I am the reason for her suffering, her losing of her husband…let alone that I dont have a decent job to support my mother too.A hopeless sonYes I am.A hopeless me!

Thus one night, I slammed my door, picked up a knife and I was ready to slice my nerves...I had pressed the sharp edge of a knife on my wrist and was ready to press it hardercut deep and get deeper…thinking all my lifes frustrations and disappointments would ease with every deep cut I make.

 But all said and done.things have changed a lot now.a subtle thought has intrude and has invaded my minda ray of hope sparkles in every directiona long forgotten dream renewed!

A Drug addict, substance abuser, a dreaded gangster…uselessunproductive human me what please you...but naming and shaming isnt going to robe my determination to change myself now… For I have found the true meaning of my lifeI am free from all confusions...Thus I am more alive....Alive to enjoy this precious life again.

Yes I am alive to live a whole new life! Come along with me. Lets take a walk together in this beautiful journey called life."

Thank you
Yours sincerely

A movie Review: “Ngodupchen” A Miracle isn’t a Mundane Thing!


Yesterday I took my wife along with me for a special movie that was being screened in the city cinema hall since its release on 15th of May. The following write up is my personal opinion on the movie we watched. Here you go…

In life many a times we do fall sick and get hospitalized. At hospitals or for that matter at our home when we are bedridden we often unconsciously record who visited us and who didn’t. We all do that. Sometimes you feel sorry for people around you who spend their time to help you out. Feeding and providing what you want at that moment of distress. You curse yourself too for giving them too many things to handle but at times you do rely to the power of prayers to recovery sooner taking personal responsibilities for the situation. You tend to do many things and everything possible. That’s what is being beautifully shown in “Ngodupchen”.

An Atsara Entertainment Production, Directed by a young Director Sonam Lhendup Tshering and Produced by Namgay Seday Retty. The movie is still being screened during weekdays and weekends at the City Cinema Hall, Chubachu, Thimphu.

Ngödupchen, is based on the struggle of Menlha, played by Pema Yogini Yuphel. The young girl is suffering from a rare disease. Given only days to live, and shaped by a fine interplay of her fate and faith, the only weapon of choice in the remotest chance of her survival is taking refuge in the triple gems. A long, hard effort and sustained determination of her father Chencho, played by Chencho Dorji, in mitigating a cascade of problems is his only hope.

Pema Yogini Yuphel is The Next Big Thing in our otherwise small and growing Bhutanese film Industry. She is a multi-talented child Artist. She has worked previously with Astara Entertainment in and as “Raywa”. A sentimental blockbuster in its own rights. Pema can sing, dance and the acting is her real forte. ‘Ngodupchee’ is her second feature film and she nailed it again. Her expression and dialogue delivery is at par to many of our female lead actresses whom we see on big screen. All in all, Pema Yogini Yuphel is a promising actress. You got to watch her perform brilliantly yet she exudes her performance with some much ease.

Chencho Dorji, my wife’s favorite among Bhutanese male actors, is playing a supporting role of a father and as you would see in the movie he has done justice to the role.

All songs are great but I like “Zakar Zangwi Nyim” the most. I love it because of its upbeat music and its stylish dance choreography. Kids who were seated beside us were humming the song in great delight.

Jimmy Wangyal Tshering, the music director, is known for his modern upbeat music and has done a great job in terms of background score and music composition for this movie.

The work in the cinematography department, spearheaded by Sonam Lhendup Tshering himself, I felt was carried out with great maturity. He knew exactly where and how to make use of his lens. The opening images with montages showing river, prayer flags, prayer wheels, people in the street sets a perfect tone for the rest of the movie. No experimental shots with heavy cranes and tracks. All shots were well framed. We normally see these powerful still shots in serious movies. The credit equally goes to Namgay Seday Retty, the screen-play writer who had envisioned the scenes.

The hospital staff who attend Manlha more than half the span of the movie are all female nurses/doctors which I felt was an encouraging portrayal. The Girls and ladies would take a note and get inspired.

As an outsider and as a film enthusiast, the only negative points of the movie are as follows;

1. I found the frequent fadeouts quite inappropriate but I do understand that the fadeouts in particular scenes where it was absolutely required were used rightfully to give some dramatic effects.

2. Just before the intermission I felt some sluggishness in terms of the flow of the story. Thought the flow gradually picks up soon after intermission.

This movie is ‘G’ rated. And is for all ages who wish to watch it. The movie has a lot many take away points as you reach to the end of the movie. It reinforces the need for us all to have faith in the power of prayers, we shouldn’t loss hope, never give up and have trust on almighty’s grace and have believe in the old adage that ‘miracles do happen’. That’s what “Ngodupchen” is all about.

The movie is a perfect package for family members and young people to gather and spend quality time together. For sure it will connect with you because it reaffirms a lot of family values.

People who value relationships and emotions should walk in to watch the movie!

Scale of 1-5:
3 ½ 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

If my protagonist Nyingtob Tshering was born to a Muslim Family

 Had my protagonist Nyingtob Tshering of my recently published Book ‘Eight: Nyingtob Tshering’s Amazing Journey was born to a Muslim family far in one of the war torn Middle-East countries this is what I see as a plot summary of the story.

ISIS Fighter
His name would have been loosely translated as “Ammar Afraz   Aiman” meaning ‘long life, un-put-down-able and fearless’ guy. If we consider his appearance; a tuft of hair on his chin, a turban on his head and a blank and white striped scarf worn around his neck. With a heavy gun dangling from his right shoulder he stands tall and strong. Ready for every bullet under the scorching sun of Middle-East. That’s a Muslim version of yours truly Nyingtob Tshering in a far -away place.

Ammar Afraz Aiman is self-made Military General who has a large number of loyalist under his command to fight against the ISIS. His reputation as a fearless Military General has resonance far and wide. The enemy would hesitate to launch attacks against his troops. ISIS declares Ammar as one of the hurdles that obstructs their ultimate victory in the region.

One fine day, a messenger comes with a news. Amidst heavy firing from both sides, the messenger shouts out to inform Ammar that his father has been assassinated. And his wife and two sons disbanded. The reason for the assassination and the ill-treatment meted to his family is Ammar’s involvement in the fight against the mighty and the ruthless ISIS militants.

He decides to drop his gun, leave his life as a Military General and sets off to become an evangelist in otherwise a war torn country and help his folks who believe that “Power comes only from the barrel of a gun”.

He knew that if he ever comes out in open, he would be killed too. Desperate and hopeless he calls on one his fellow fighters to find a place for him to contemplate on his own life and learn the greater meaning of life itself.

The fellow fighter returns within a day and instructs Ammar to live and learn inside a wrecked Masjid few kilometers away from their made-shift military base. The fellow fighter arranges many priests who visit Ammar and teache him lessons from the Holy Qur’an. Only one priest could come and meet him on assigned day and time. No priests was given a second invitation to visit and teach him. All priests are brought blindfolded to the wrecked Masjid where Ammar would be ever ready to learn. This precautions are taken to prevent Ammar’s seclusion.

A Few lessons from Qur’an which the several priests who visited and shared with Ammar are;

(4:148) Evil must not be noised abroad in public speech except where injustice has been done. 
(25:74) "Wives and offspring be the comfort of our eyes". (2:187) Husband and wife should be like garments of each other.
(17:53) Say those things that are best. (31:19) Speak fair to the people
(30:22) Differences in colours and languages are signs of Allah. They must not be exploited for the disunity of mankind.
(2:188; 5:32; 6:152) Protection of life and property. (2:85) No one can be banished from his home.
(2:286) The burden of one cannot be placed upon the shoulders of another. Also, no burden can be placed upon a soul greater than it can bear. (2:83) Treat with kindness those in need.
(2:168) Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good. (7:31) Eat and drink but waste not by excess.
(46: 13, 19) Honour and respect is due only to that individual whose "deeds" qualify him for the distinction. 
(2:44) Do not enjoin right conduct on the people and forget to practice it yourself.
(49:12) Avoid suspicion as far as possible and spy not on each other, nor speak ill of each other behind their backs.

At the end of the story, with great difficulties and determination and with some help from divine elements, he manages to curve a niche for himself in the wall of fame of humility. For he could re-teach the world about the essence of peace, love, care, harmony and happiness and transforms his Country and the World to a far better place to live. For Himself. For his Folks in Middle-East and the whole of Humanity worldwide.

There you have it....Ammar Afraz Aiman in his own setting and problems to over come..Nyingtob Tshering at home has his own share of problems to fight and to inspire his own people in his own community.

#My Book Eight:Nyingtob Tshering’s Amazing Journey is a publication of DSB, Thimphu. And the story is written in a Cinematic Approach. Limited copies available. Go get your copy folks and Read the Bhutanese version of the story I have shared as a post here.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Buddha Revelation: Magic on the Sky of Kuensel-phodrang

[The event I have witnessed yesterday has some striking similarities with the fiction story that I have intended to publish. My small book talks about the teachings of Buddha and how it becomes helpful to an addict to recover and leads a productive life. The book is of 49 pages only. I have not been able to mend organizations and meet people who could help me publish the book. The first printed form has been laying on my bookshelf for three months now. Hope the menu-script of the book will not remain on the shelf forever. Or did I write the book only for my shelf? Ha..ha… Anyways…Enjoy reading the following narration.]

Walking home yesterday evening from Thimphu City was rather serene because there were few strollers and vehicles plying along the Express Way. May be it was too cold a weather for our fellow Thimphulites to come out. The stage was uncommon. We almost literally took the ownership of the municipality road for an evening!..ha..ha..

For my wife and for me the serene walk became even more blissful. How? We saw something on the Sky of Kuensel-phodrang! Unusual yet peaceful. Luminosity at its Best!

While walking further down towards our resident at Changzamtog, our attention was stroke by the presence of an image of Buddha’s face right above the Hindu Mandir. At that moment we had just passed Thimphu Pry School building.

It was 6:50 PM when we noticed the image. My wife and I kept looking at the unusual sight as we walk home till it disappeared at around 7:20.
Tashichedzong at Night (Image:google)

Memorial Chorten (Image: Google)
Many land structures around Thimphu city have been made luminous with colorful lights. The architectural aspect of the structures are also clearly visibly from far distance. All structures look stunningly beautiful. I salute the mind that had a space for such an initiative. Thank you. The colorful lights are there to make the structures stand out during the night and it does add beauty to our small city.

The sighting of the image of Buddha’s face on the sky will not be a big deal if the concern authority had the good intention of throwing light on the structure of Buddha to create a huge shadow on the sky. Hats off to the authorities who had the vision and wisdom to do so. If it wasn’t their intention….than it is purely the Revelation of Buddha himself.

The lights had more to do than to bring the beauty of the Buddha’s Statue at night; the appearance on the sky is quite symbolic…I would like to think so. It represents Victory of Good over Evil, Dharma over malignity and victory of light over Darkness!

We would not take the credit of discovering the formation of image as it’s just another simple principle of Physics in action! Throw a light and you get a shadow on the other end. Though the principle here has been used productively (if it is used so to create a shadow of Buddha on the sky). However, having born to a Hindu family and being an ardent follower of teachings of Buddha I had a great time to witness the revelation!

With the help of the lights, the Statue is visible, laden with warmth and has its replica on the dark sky. I would like again to stress on the probabilities of everything…The appearance could mean; “Buddha is always there! To guide, to heal your wound and to help you even during the darkest time of your life.”  Or is it saying “Be aware (don’t go against the teachings of Buddha)….Buddha is Watching YOU!”  It could mean anything.

To sum up, the magic on the sky could be intentional with the use of physics or mere coincidental incident but it surly appeared magical and blissful. We indeed felt blessed to have been able to see the HOLY ONE on the dark sky with our naked eyes.

By the way, I shall view the sky to feel at peace this evening too. Hope you would also glue your eyes on the sky of Kuensel-Phodrang this evening around 6:50 PM to 7:20 PM. Will you folks?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Palpable Humbleness; The trait of the Eastern People.

I had created my blogging account in 2009 but couldn’t write anything that year. The actual writing began after I started teaching in Lichen Community Primary School, Trashiyangtse in 2011.

Lichen Community Primary School, Trashi Yangtse

Teaching in a small school in a far flung village wasn't the inspiration alone. The life and the stories of people and children of the community inspired me to blog about them on my infant web page with almost no experience of blogging.

Life in the village was worth living so it was worth writing too. I kept writing about their simplicity, humbleness and their stories of patience and endurance. The humbleness of the villagers, the hospitality they offer when I visit their houses on weekends and the respect they have for others always moved me. My stay in the community was indeed memorable with great experiences.

 Let me share one such experience.

During any ritual in the community, I would be invited and given a seat next to a Lam (priest) who conducts the ritual. We would be pampered in all little ways. 

We would have the best and the most expensive ‘Dhen’ (carpet) of the village to sit on, the best brewed local alcohol, a fine lump of fresh butter, a hill of red rice, a flask of butter tea and aromatic cheese curry specially prepared for us. The ‘jenda’ (house owner) or an elderly woman would be seated nearby to serve us, chat and to look after our welfare. We would be the first ones to be served with the entire cuisine prepared for the feast that would follow after the ritual is completed.

The villagers and their children will be seated a few steps behind our attendant. They will be glaring at us as if we two were the ‘MEN FROM THE MOON’. And when we are half-way in our dining, then the villagers will be served. After the meal is over, folk songs and dances will end the event for the day.

A new day for a media student- turned- community teacher starts again with the oriental sun rising from the eastern horizon.

Images: Google

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Bhutan Ice-cream" Celebrates His Majesty’s Birthday.

Choling Yargay Daytshen, a farmers group of Singaygang village under Sipsu Dungkhag (Samtse) commemorates His Majesty’s 34th Birth Anniversary distributing their own ice-cream product to the teachers, students of Peljorling Higher Secondary school and the local residents who gathered Friday at the school courtyard to witness the celebration.

After the speeches were made and the cultural items organized by the school were presented, it was the moment for the Bhutan ice-cream boxes to uncover their goodies. The Principal and the teachers got in line to taste their share and they were followed by the students and the local residents.

Standing in front of the Banner ; Chairperson Gauri Sharma
The Farmers Group which comprises of 25 active members organized the free distribution of Ice-cream. Each member contributed two liters of milk to manufacture enough ice-cream for the important day. ‘it is a moment of joy for us to be able to contribute on such a day, we wish our King a happy birthday and pray for his long live ’ said the Group’s chairperson Gauri Sharma who also initiated the move.

The Group Members with Local staff from Agriculture and Animal Husbandry departments

The Ice-Cream Machine
Bhutan Ice-cream is the only ice-cream brand in the country. The manufacturing plant at Singaygang village was made possible with financial aid from GEF,small grant program- UNDP and is supported by Ministry of Agriculture and Forest. The plant was formally inaugurated on 22nd December, 2013 by His Excellency lyenpo Yeshey Dorji.
Inaugurating the ice-cream manufacturing unit

The Brand has come a long way from being a homemade ice-cream to a brand worth exporting. The ice-cream comes in both cone and pouches with information label and design. The brand has Five different flavors to offer; Vanila, Butter Scotch, Kesar Pista, strawberry and mix-fruit. Meanwhile, the product is only available in Samtse Dzongkhag due to the limited transport facilities and lack of marketing agencies.
           THEN                        &                                   NOW

Bhutan Ice-cream is one of the products produce by the farmers group. With the arrival of 15 jersey cow and 15 buffalos, the Group would be able to commercially produce cheese, milk, butter and “Bhutan Ice-cream”.  The government leased land which they have been provided will act as a pasture land for the cattle.
Choling Yargay Daytshen is also looking into fishery business and Bio-gas refilling machine which will make the Group self-reliant.

But for now, they are fully dependent on the production of ‘Bhutan Ice-cream’ and some dairy products to sustain the Group where wild elephants rampage the village each night.

# For any queries or order @ 17606108(Chairperson)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Walk to remember: Our first Wedding Anniversary.

By quarter to 6 yesterday morning, as crystal clear dew on our window glass were just dripping down, I was with a cup of warm milk tea ready to serve my wife. It’s unusual to find me up so early every day. But the importance of the day urged me to surprise at least my wife.

She was still nestled under the warm blanket like a baby. I slowly and carefully sneaked in, tucked her hair to uncover her face and there she smiled.

With wide smile on her face she quickly tightened her hair behind and I hand over the cup of tea. i kept looking at her as she took over and caressed the cup to take the first sip.

But before she took the sip she asked me to close in. I moved. She gave me a tight hug and wished me ‘A Happy Anniversary’.  I too wished her simultaneously with all my love for her.

On the courtyard of the Lhakhang
On our day’s agenda, we had only two important things to do. Visit Dechencholing Lhakhang and secondly to place an ordinary door lock somewhere in the wood near Dechencholing.
Smiling at me

The friendship at the backdrop is alive on the forefront too!

My younger sister had accompanied us on our ‘walk to remember’. We dressed ourselves appropriately for the Lhakhang’s visit, bought some offerings to offer and not to forget we took the lock along with its key with us.

My sister wished to provide refreshment on our journey so she bought some cold drinks, cup cakes and lots of sweets.

Captions not required....simply beautiful...

We entered the renowned Dechencoling Lhakhang. Offered our prayers to the God and expressed how thankful we are for all peaceful and blissful days we have spent all together since our wedding.

As we came out of the Lhakhang, we stroll down towards Dechencholing Palace. The presence of the Royal Palace, blue sky and the empty wide road of Dechencholing made us feel very calm and peace.

We savor each moment down the road till we finally spot a place to briefly settle for refreshment. We sat down on the bare ground. Dry pine needle-like leaves provided enough ease to sit and dine.

The Lock: Somewhere in the woods of Dechencholing.
Right after the refreshment, I took out the lock and the key and went on to search a place where I could place the lock. I found it. Placed the lock and turn the key in and locked it. 

For us the lock symbolizes unity,love and happiness and placing it on the living tree, we believe, will further strengthen our unity, deepen our love and expend our happiness as the tree grows taller and stronger.

The affair was simple and a quite one. But…… a very special for us.   

'Never let you go' kind of snap.

Most importantly, years down the line when the tree plant on which we have placed the lock has grown tall and strong we would have celebrated many more anniversaries. But we will have something to search for inside the woods of Dechencholing which symbolizes many things along with the "togetherness" in celebrating our first Wedding Anniversary.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Story of Change from Eastern Bhutan

Gangla Khema Primary School.  Estd: 2002

Gangla Khema Primary School under Lhuentse Dzongkha in the north-east part of Bhutan begs First Price at the 3rd Awards Ceremony of Design for Change Bhutan 2013. Design for Change is a world initiative to empower children around the world.

The event was held on Sunday, 18th August in Motithang High School auditorium. The Award Ceremony was organized by Early Learning Center, the DFC country Partner. 17 schools participated this year for the contest- 3 from Luentse, 1 from Trashiyangtse, 2 from Chukha, 1 from Paro and 10 schools from Thimphu valley.
Students gathered for a reading session.

Like any other remote school, Gangla Khema Primary School also had a dreadful problem. The hygiene of the children was severely neglected by their parents.  The children were suffering from Itchiness and rashes were plenty on their body, fungal infection on heads and wounds on their legs were a common sight. Lots of lice and its nit invaded their hair and their body and mouth were stinking badly. The children were found having meals with long, dirty nails and being absent were the order of the day. The long distance and the rugged route from their houses to school would make them sweat a lot and the uniform they have worn would get muddy while they reach their school. Owing to these difficulties and ill health the children couldn't concentrate in the class- a problem so important to solve at the earliest hour.

After much discussion with the parents and the students, “Hygiene for Head, Heart and Hand” was taken up as their Design for Change initiative.

Cupboards for students to keep their uniform
With dying need to start the project, the school management used the fund of Nu 5000 which was given by the Dzongkhag Education Office for the school to celebrate World Water Day. The management used the fund to purchase tooth brushes, tooth pastes, nail clippers, soaps, mediker and toilet papers.

The school provided shoe rags and cupboards for the children to keep their uniforms at school when they leave for home after the school hour. The students of class V and VI were paired with class PP and I students so they could help the younger kids wash their hands and legs properly.

From the following day, as soon as the children reached the school then they brush their teeth, wash their legs, head and wear their school uniform. The management has also hung a mirror for the children to help comb their hair and help them dress properly.

Every Thursday afternoon, the students keep aside their learning to take a bath. The senior students help their adopted brothers and sisters to take a bath, trim their nails and clean their ears.
The Principal trimming his student's hair with a hair clipper.

All the boys of Gangla Khema decided to trim their hair short with the help of hair clippers four times a year to avoid fungal infection and keep their head free from lice and nit. 
Boys of Gangla with their Principal

Similarly, the girls decided to apply mediker four times a year to remove lice and nit. After applying this medicine, they massage it thoroughly and keep their head covered by a piece of cloth for 3 hours. Then they comb their hair and wash it with the help of soap.   
Girls of Gangla on their hair/head treatment

To sustain this program the school has started cultivating vegetables at the school campus and start poultry. The school has already discussed with a boarding school nearby which has agreed to purchase the vegetables and eggs from their small poultry farm. And after witnessing a drastic change in the overall hygiene of their children the parents also has agreed to pay Nu 30 each annually to sustain the program.
Students  involved in growing vegetables 
Gangla Khema Poultry Farm

When the principal of the school shared his story of change in the auditorium, i felt for those innocent children    in the depth of my heart. i couldn't help listening to the principal and staring at the photographs shared by him to tell the story.

Gangla Khema is one school among 500 plus schools across the country which has dared to do something and see the change they wanted to see.  HATS OFF to the Principal of the school, teachers, students and the parents for having achieved so much with so little resources and for silently telling us ‘I can and you can, and together we can bring the change in the world'.

Photo courtesy: Principal of Gangla Khema Primary School, Lhuentse.

With the Rolling Trophy and A Projector (First Price) the Principal of Gangla Khema  stands for  a  snap.
Photographers seen in the frame: The principals of Baktong and Dangling Pry Schools from Lhuntse.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Speech at Award Day -Design for Change 2013.

More than 25 MILLION Students across the globe is saying “I can”. Wow! That’s a huge achievement in itself for the Design for Change world initiative. And for your information the three word slogan “YES WE CAN” is what our DFC students have been saying for quite some time now.

At Druk School, Our guiding philosophy of Excellence in body, mind and speech strives to achieve excellence in body conduct, in thoughts we think and in the language we use to communicate with the world. Having these principles in place, we have been feeling, imaging, doing and sharing Design for change stories since 2011.

“No BG vehicle” A DFC program started in 2011 is an initiative to reduce corruption by discouraging parents to use Government owned vehicle to drop and pick their children from our school campus. “Kindle a flame” which started in 2012 is about educating our housemaids and babysitters. Both these programs are being continued and are getting stronger. These programs are changing mindsets, changing lives and have been reducing an ounce of Government Budget each day that otherwise goes in purchasing an extra ounce of petroleum for those extra trips.

This year DFC program in our school was also dissected to class levels.  And by virtue of being the talk of the town my 7th grade student’s story of “Active Citizens” which relates to democracy and politics got nominated to represent our school here this morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, my involvement in their story of change as a facilitator made me realize that DFC Program brings about “Urgency” for action. The children hunt for the problems that bother them the most; then they list down the solutions to solve it, and then they execute their action and finally they share it with the world to inspire others to make the world a better place to live. They feel, they imagine, they do and then they share. They take all that matters in their own little hands!
It also came to my consensus while helping the children that the DFC program also indirectly teaches them about “designing” or about the “planning process” involved in creating something. The designing of a clothe, for instance, requires the designer to feel about the need for the cloth, then he imagines the fabric, design and the texture of the cloth, and then he cuts and stitches the cloth pieces together and finally sale it to the world.

Planning a dinner at home for friends would involve the same process. I should first feel the need to throw a party to my friends. Then I would imagine the menu and then I would invite my friends and have dinner. Finally, I would share with my other colleagues in my office about the dinner I hosted for my friends the previous night. Interestingly, the talk about the dinner in the office would then inspire another friend to host a dinner in the following night.

Personally speaking, DFC is changing the way our children think. With its FOUR stages of FEEL, IMAGINE, DO and SHARE DFC is teaching our children more than the stories they have in their minds to share with us today. Getting our children involve in this noble initiative will only make them more humane, visionary, smart planners, elite executives and above all a responsible future citizen.

To sum up, the story that my students so proudly want to share today with you all might not make you click your tongue or might neither garner compassion from all the Connors of this Assembly hall….because it relates to democracy and politics- the least admired topics currently…….but it’s righteous enough to say that these children have become more responsible citizens and have certainly curved a small space for themselves in the history of our young democracy by being an agent of change in their own little ways.