Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Helipad for ‘Brave Heart Brothers’ (BEAR Team) on the roof of JDWNRH?

As a responsible citizen I dare to dream of this possible and very critical venture of building a helipad for our very own BEAR Team (Air Ambulance) on the roof of our National Referral Hospital. I strongly believe that there is a need to have one if the proximity of the present Helipad and the ever increasing traffic flow in between the Hospital and the Helipad is to be considered. 
The BEAR Team:Dr. Charlie Haviland Mize(middle), Lhab Dorji(right) and Kiran Biswas. 
The Bhutan Emergency Aeromedical Retrieval Team, also known as BEAR Team was initiated as the first-ever helicopter-based emergency team to deliver ICU-level emergency all across Bhutan. It won’t be fair if I don’t mention the names that constitute the BEAR Team: Dr. Charlie Haviland Mize, Lhab Dorji and Kiran Biswas. Since its inception the Team has managed to save many lives.  

At the moment the BEAR Team has to land first at Lungtenphug Army helipad some 4 kilometers away then their patients are taken the rest of the way by road. An ambulance has to drive along one of the busiest roads in Thimphu city (Babesa-Thimphu Express way) to finally reach the patients to the hospital. 
God forbid such situations where a critically ill patient has landed safely at the helipad with the help of BEAR Team but the patient does not make it to the hospital. On the way, the patient dies. It is certainly a loss for the family members. The Team will also definitely feel the loss. Why?

Losing a patient just a few kilometers away from the hospital after being airlifted tackling the ever challenging weather and the difficult terrain will be a grave loss for the BEAR Team. (Please accept my sincere ‘Thank you’ for doing what you do best- Saving Lives) The BEAR Team surely deserves all our respect and gratitude. I refer them with great respect as “Brave Heart Brothers”- Risking one’s life to save others.

So what are some of the benefits (Department of Health Estates and Facilities Division, Feb 2008) of having helipad on hospital’s rooftop? For that matter on JDWNRH’s rooftop!

1.So critically ill patients can be treated sooner: Having a helipad on the hospital roof will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a seriously ill patient to get to the expert care they urgently need. The quicker they can see a consultant, the better chance of survival and making a full recovery. It will help save many lives.

2.From both the aviation and the long-term planning perspectives, the best position for a hospital helipad is on the roof of the tallest building on the site because rooftops are generally unused space.  

3.It shall also raise the helicopters approach and departure paths by several stories high. This raised level reduces certain environmental impacts; particularly the noise and the dust that gets blown away from the ground when helicopters make their landing. The arrangement will not only be valuable for hospital activities but is also significantly likely to reduce complaints from neighbors. 

4.The rooftop helipad also provide unobstructed path to land and take off. The general lack of obstructions at rooftop level allows the helicopter to fly in smoother air compared with the turbulence that can be experienced when landing between buildings. This in turn will greatly reduce patient’s discomfort and the helicopter’s power requirements.

Click here to what's happening around the world in regard to elevated helipads.

The present Helipad was never built to bring in patients to the National Referral Hospital if its location is to be considered. The proximity to the Royal Bhutan Army Headquarter at Lungtenphug defines its prime purpose. However, as and when required it has served its purpose in many different ways. Receiving many delegates on their visit to Bhutan to name a few.

During the fall of 2016, the Team was engaged in airlifting a 14 year old boy from Tashigang. The boy’s live could have been saved by timely resuscitation ad emergency care facility. Interestingly it was only after this incident the BEAR Team was equipped with ICU-level emergency facility. One cannot effort to loss another life blaming the distance and the heavy traffic flow (in years to come it will be even worse) between the present Helipad and the National Referral Hospital. 

This morning I heard again the Helicopter hovering over my apartment only to see it land on the Helipad at Lungtenphug and after few minutes I hear the siren of an ambulance rushing towards JDWNRH. After many years of helicopter hovering and the dreaded ambulance siren, now it has become a routine to spare few seconds to pray for the sick to recover soon and to whisper a ‘Thank You’ note to the “Brave Heart Brothers!”

We Bhutanese are blessed to have benevolent Monarchs who care about its subjects the most. The Royal Government of Bhutan has been doing everything possible for our benefit. The Ministry of Health has always strive to do everything possible so to save more lives. For sure we cannot make miracles to happen. That’s not in our hands. 

Practically speaking, the BEAR Team also cannot save every patient they airlift but surely we can construct the Helipad on the roof in our collective attempt to help BEAR Team save more lives. I wish my dream comes true someday. All I wish is that we don’t regret of not being able to construct the helipad to save more lives. The new Helipad would also be our sincere gesture to acknowledge, support and honor the brilliant effort of our Brave Heart Brothers in all their life saving adventures! 

Department of Health Estates and Facilities Division. (Feb 2008). HBN 15-03 Emergency care: Hospital helipads. Quarry House, Leeds, LS2 7UE: Department of Health Estates and Facilities Division.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Funny yet wired dream!

The previous night I had a dream. It was funny yet wired dream. Let me narrate the dream in nutshell.

I see an elderly woman standing as firm as a rock on the staircase. It must be at Dochula Druk Wangyel momerial site. I could see Chortens akin to the site. It must be also foggy too because the Chortens in the background was not clearly visible. The whole backgroud was blur to be precise. 

The lady had worn a syndicated kira with flowery patterns engraved on it. Her face adorn with lines of wisdom and rich experience. I instantly assumed.

She is seen assisted by two other young ladies to climb down the staircase. These two young ladies  were perfect in what they did. With great love and grace,  holding her hands and helping her step down towards the lawn.

Then i notice something funny. This seriously looking woman has worn a pair of fancy canvass shoes. It was blue and white coloured. With trendy laces. The funny part? One of the shoes was very very large and the other was of the normal size which perfectly fits her other foot.

Then I find myself waiting to receive this lady. She approaches closer. Closer enough now that she starts to talk with me. She informs me that I always misspelled the word 'humble'. The lady corrects me that I shouldn't spell it as "humbel" but instead spell it correctly. 

Thus with abrupt ending the funny yet wired dream comes to an end.


Misspelled: Have I stopped being humble? Was I made to realize this truth? I don't know. But one thing is clear. I must  remain a humble person no matter whatsoever dreams I have to dream again!

Large sized shoe: I assume that they elderly lady is burdened with huge responsibility. Or some worries? Or name and reputation to hold up? It could also mean incomplete project/endeavour to attain so both the shoes bulge into same sized.

Trendy shoes with laces: she is an elderly woman but she is blessed with sense of creativity and is a very critical thinker.

The lady must be indirectly telling me to be part of her endeavour shouldering responsibilities or incomplete project or worries for that matter. The only requirement on my part is to remain humble! This is the best interpretation I like to take home.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

That joyful day- A romantic poem straight From my middle school notepad.

I remember that joyful day
Where hearts were shining gay
The souls and minds were wheeling around
In the world of romance with the mutter sound

So graceful her figure, so lovely her face
She is the best among the rest
For whom I will bring soon
The heaven's brightest moon

So interesting her way of conciliatory 
And so sweet her voice
She inquist about my life
But everything was not possible in this short period of alive
For she I will pluck the flower rose
And arrange them on her body in rows

We were sitting beneath a tree
And we felt the passing of breeze
We were lonely on that land
And we piled our hand over hand

The air was polluted by the words of love and Lord
And we were kissing and nuzzling a lot
The flower around us bloosmed out of season
What we did was the main reason

Her strong kisses dazzled head of mine
Like an innocent man dazzled by a cup of wine
Our untold romance carried on as a ride
And we neglect to stop and hide

Her nuzzles disturbed me yet the tumult grew
That small lips could bear it, I knew
The lips were exchanging the termless views
And I could bear it more, I knew

We felt elated by that permanence 
And we were proud of our performance

Written in spring of 2000.
Class 10 
Phuntsholing Higher Secoundary School.

Friday, September 8, 2017

"Mobile film competition" at Druk School to celebrate International literacy Day!

Exactly  a month ago Druk school celebrated the unofficially the official National Flag Day on 8th August. Today on  8th September we celebrated International Literacy Day.

September 8th was declared International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Celebrations take place in several countries.

The Rationale behind the day being observed is because of the following reasons:

"Some 775 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults are still not literate and two-thirds of them are women; 60.7 million children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or are drop outs."

This year, International Literacy Day is being celebrated across the world under the theme of 'Literacy in a digital world'.

At Druk School, the students of classes pp-6 today submitted their mobile films- A digital Book Talk under the theme "I read a book".The mobile films were to be screened in our MP Hall as part of International Literacy Day Celebration.

The children were instructed to read a book of their choice and do a book talk and then have it get recorded on mobile camera.

There were more than 60 entries from our students for the special screening.

The celebration also included many other programmes.Speeches  were delivered to mark the day.

The highlight of the day was the two short skits performed by class 9 and 6 students .

Class nine students staged their short play showcasing the  importance of literacy. And through their silent skit, class vi students shared how illiterate and literate persons' approach towards solving issues at hand. It was a mute play. No dialogue deliveries but communicate through act and with help of words and phrases written on cardboard for display.

"Literate will understand and illiterate will judge" was the bottom line of their performance.

Both the groups were brilliant in conveying how important the literacy skills are and has become even more important now. Miss Sherab Wangmo and Lopen Chado  were the teacher coordinators for the skits. Hats off teacher colleagues. You guys are awesome!

The skits were followed by one long hour of Drawing and painting activities for the children with the theme "Importance of literacy".

The programme was conclusively ended with the much awaited event. The Screening of the Mobile Films. Children really enjoyed watching themselves on the big screen doing the book talk. 

From this year Literary month of Druk School will start with Flag Day Celebration on 8th of August and end on 8th September by celebrating International Literacy Day. It can't be better than this!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Wisdom I acquired from my wife’s Pregnancy

“Pregnancy Mentality” is the term I refer to the list of nine insights I was made to relearn after my wife got pregnant. The revelation of wisdom continues after birth too. I am here sharing in this post what I have relearnt.
Through this post I shall also inform you that how important and necessary it is to live our life with "Pregnancy Mentality". Why "Pregnancy Mentality"? Because Pregnancy and Life have similar demands and they need to be addressed with equal wisdom and dignity. Pregnancy taught me a lot. Folks! Are you also ready to relearn?

In this age of technology, with so much to pay attention to and a lot of distractions to tackle with, I find pure wisdom in living one’s life with "Pregnancy Mentality".

First let’s clearly define what 'Pregnancy Mentality' means? It's nothing but an approach of thinking and behavioral changes one exhibits during a planned Pregnancy. The husband is equally susceptible for change because the planned Pregnancy is like a joint venture happily endorsed to be worked out and monitored together to harvest its best of best  fruits.  

While in pregnancy a woman’s world changes so does her husband’s. The following are a set of wisdom which makes up the "Pregnancy Mentality" with which a couple steer their nine months journey. If this ‘mentality’ is inculcated one may also live a fruitful Life.


1. Every moment is precious: During planned Pregnancy we tend to be mindful of every minute. We take a lot of pictures celebrating togetherness, take pictures of the baby bump grow bigger each passing week and even write diary entries to mark every special moment: The positive test shown on the pregnancy testing kit, the first kick of the baby, the numerous shopping…to list a few. 

Similarly, you got to live only one life thus every moment is that precious. As the old adage says, ‘Live your life a King Size’. Remember this, we shall never come back. We got to do what we want to do and leave a legacy behind.  

2. You have full control over your diet: Ovia pregnancy mobile app did wonder for us. My wife Tara and I made best use of the app during her pregnancy period.

Search it in the Playstore. Mark my was and it is still useful app after the pregnancy too. 
The Mobile App recommends which vegetables, fruits and nuts to eat on weekly basis as required and needed for the baby to grow well. The app also instructs us what not to do, eat/drink. (I shall strongly recommend the App for couples who are in the process of planning to have a baby.)

In real life too, it’s that important to control diet so to lead a healthy life. Heart related diseases, obesity and Blood pressure are a few diseases we can keep under control if we monitor our diet. 

 3. Exercise is of great importance: During pregnancy exercise becomes very important to keep the mother’s metabolism strong and for efficient circulation of blood. Regular exercise builds strong muscles and bones which become ever more important as mother gradually gains weight. And this accumulated merits is all for the healthy growth of the bun in the oven.

It's needless to say how important has regular exercise in life has also become now. Many lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetics and obesity is caused due to lack of exercise.   

4. Be a complete resilient: Nine months of taking care of oneself, refraining from unsuitable activities and doing and eating only what is best for oneself and for the baby requires unprecedented resilience.

To achieve something big in life too we have to be resilient enough to tackle and overcome all obstacles in our life. We won’t be able to make it if we are not focused and resilient enough. 

5. Public relation becomes paramount importance: World is a global community thus we need people to people contact to make things happen.

Your relationship with your colleagues, friends, other family members and relatives becomes ever more important during times of need. Pregnancy is one such delicate event where constant support and guidance is of paramount importance.

In life too, business and success in lot many ways can be also credited to the quality of one’s PR skills. Because at the end of the day if you know how to handle human beings(clients) and their emotions things fall in place without much effort. Business then will only flourish. Success then will only follow you.

6. Relationship must get better: During pregnancy more care and love is been showered to either spouse not just because the heat of the moment demands but it oozes out so naturally. As they say, “Love remains literally in the air” during pregnancy. Relationship is thus taken to the next level which only helps the couple to handle situations that will ensue. Good or bad.

In life we must also always value relationship with our spouse, siblings, close relatives and parents. Why? Because when rest of the world disagrees and neglects you, the close family members and your spouse will always be there for you to accept and welcome you with arms wide open.

7. Engage in prayers and positivity: While the bun is still in the oven, offering prayers and cultivating positivity within becomes the norm because we want everything to go well and we be blessed with a healthy baby.

Similarly in life too you need to always rely on prayers and always be positive. For life, as you may know, has its own way to teach us lessons.  

8. One becomes ultra-responsible: Both husband and wife becomes ever more responsible during and after pregnancy.  They take responsibility for one’s health, for baby's health and his/her overall growth. They will not leave any stone unturned to give the best they can so that they get the best they want.

Being responsible in one’s career and in life too is that important. Without a sense of being responsible a lot many opportunities, privileges and promotions may easily dodge you.

 9. Need to have patience: In life this skill comes handy. One has to have this because whatever we do we need patience. Enough of it to make things work or enough of it to wait for things to happen.
That's me doing laundry almost a month  before the due date in preparation for the grand arrival. 
Likewise, preparation and patience particularly are traits we must have in leaps and bounds before and during pregnancy. Nine months is a long period. Enough to test your patience!
There you have it! The nine wisdom that makes up the “Pregnancy Mentality” which I learnt from my wife pregnancy.

Folks I wish to think that “Pregnancy Mentality” is not a theory or a concept: It is a living truth and thus a practical and equally beneficial behavioral approach to lead a productive and fruitful life. 

I shall end by sharing the line mentioned in the beginning that will surely sum up everything in one line: “Pregnancy and Life have similar demands and they need to be addressed with equal wisdom and dignity.” 

Glimpses of the Senior Concert: Druk School- 2017

With the Theme "Say No To Drugs", senior students of Druk school staged their programme. 

For past one month the students were allocated with one and half hour practise time to prepare their item. 

The show was witnessed by parents of students of VII to X graders. 

Pleasure to share with you the photographes of the concert.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Part II: Striking Similarities between Zhabdrung and Genghis Khan.

Continue from yesterday's post.....

7.Troublesome youth: When his father, a minor Chieftain died, Genghis khan succeeded his father in his early teen. But the tribe didnt support him. Though they were temporarily abandoned but they left for some other safer place.

Zhabdrung had also succeeded his grandfather as the abode of Ralung Monastry in Tibet in his early teen but soon a dispute over the reincarnation of Pema Karpo, a Buddhist scholar, led him to flee from Tibet for Bhutan. Tsang leader supported Paksang Wangpo as the real reincarnation and they rejected the popular believe of the people that Zhabdrung was indeed the real incarnation. Thus the Fear of losing his life he makes an immediate  exit for Bhutan. 

8.Very religious yet tolerant to many religions: There was freedom of religion in the warlord’s Kingdom. The Great Genghis Khan gave everyone the right to choose their religion because his empire was so large that consisted people who followed all major religions. 

In 1627, when two Portuguese Jesuits Fr. Casella and Fr. Cabral were on their way towards Tibet they met with Zhabdrung Rinpoche. Zhabdrung strongly encouraged them to stay and had even given them a room in Cheri Monastery to use it as a Chapel. They were allowed to preach the Christian faith to the locals which clearly indicates that he was an open minded person and someone who could tolerate other religions too.     

9.Highly respected as the Founding Father: They are highly revered as the founding fathers of their nation. Genghis Khans mighty statue is built in honor of the Great leader. The statue is located on the bank of Tuul River some 54 km east of the Mongolian Capital Ulaanbaatar.

And coming back home, the dead remains of Zhabdrung Rinpoche is preserved in a secluded temple inside the Punakha Dzong and is visited by kings and lay men alike in times of joy and difficulties to receive blessings and wisdom.  


When I was sharing this similarities with my history students one of them stood up to claim that Zhabdrung must have copied everything from Genghis Khan. I promptly replied, it could be also purely coincident because these two men lived in two different era. Mr. Khan in 13th century (1200s) and our Ngawang Namgyel during the 17th century (1600s). 

A student at the back requested me to share the differences. I replied by saying that there are but a few differences. Genghis Khan is credited for killing approximately 40 million people and we don't have any record suggesting such brutal nature of Zhabdrung. In fact he always used his spiritual powers than military might to bring enemies at home under his control.

The other different is that Zhabdrung married only once and history points out that he was very loyal and caring husband. Because when he made up his mind to enter into permanent retreat he arranges a suitable husband for his wife so she is not left all alone. On the other hand, the Great Genghis Khan never respected the institution of marriage. 

After conquering a state he would order his generals to bring the most beautiful women among the lot for him. This was a routine affair for the warlord. Thus he is also credited to have fathered many thousand children. One record suggest 36 million men from eastern Europe to eastern China trace their genes to one man: The Great  Genghis Khan as their sole ancestor

When the bell rang I still remember clearly that I reiterated the fact to the whole class that the discourse wasn't to compare the generals. They were great in their own rights and highly respected in their own countries. I said, ‘ …by no means I am comparing them but I am simply sharing with you all what appears to me as an interesting set of facts that depict striking similarities between the two Great Generals’. 

Photographs courtesy:  Concern copyright holders.

A Helipad for ‘Brave Heart Brothers’ (BEAR Team) on the roof of JDWNRH?

As a responsible citizen I dare to dream of this possible and very critical venture of building a helipad for our very own BEAR Team...