Saturday, October 8, 2011

Can you fall in love with someone you have never met?

Can you fall in love with someone you have never met? I don’t know about you but I have been falling in love with few girls without even meeting them personally. It’s weird but true. Allow me to share two such romantic beginnings but sadly not so happy endings. 
 First let me introduce the two angels in brief. Both of them were college students when my poor heart started to compose poems about them. One of them still studies in one of the colleges within Bhutan and the other studied in India. Both of them are Brahmin and belong to decent family of farmers. Incredibly, both of them are blessed with innocent but beautiful face.
Interestingly though, I first saw both of them on then they got downloaded to my heart and finally to my electronic devices. Don’t laugh please…..I know what you are thinking.. I am idiot. Ok?
 The first one got downloaded to my mobile and served me as wallpaper for almost 6 months. She was there with me whenever I wanted to see here.
A Mutual friend of us had sms her mobile number and the journey of making Bhutan Telecom richer was commenced. I use to call her every day and the talking didn’t stop there. Whenever the mobile balance read -14.95 I immediately use to start a fresh conversation with her looking at her photo on my mobile screen. I was so much in love with her. Don’t laugh please….
The second angle was luckier. She got even bigger space and was in much more expensive device. Why? Because now I had bought a brand new Laptop and she use to flash right in front of my eyes whenever I had to use my Laptop. She was there on the screen of my 16’’Compaq CQ42 laptop for a month.  
With not much delay let’s get started with the first Angel Miss Rainbow (name changed for my own safety..hahaha). Miss Rainbow is still studying in one of the colleges within Bhutan. The long telephonic conversations between us took a dramatic turn after just one month.
One fine day she asked me to talk with her father over the phone. Her father asked every possible question that any father of a daughter will ask to his to-be son-in-law. His queries were regarding my job, salary, my family and my caste. I was flabbergasted but happy that her parents now won’t be bothered by my frequent calls as her father has granted the permission to talk.
 The talking went on for months. I knew names of her all the siblings and even of cows she had back home. I started to share with her my ideas of our life together. She too was excited and happy but this burning excitement was soon to be extinguished.
With no reason as such she stopped receiving my calls..and I thought that I shouldn’t sell myself cheaper than this so I had to stop there too.
Now let’s move to my second Angel Miss Victoria (name changed for my safety again). Miss Victoria didn’t have a clue that she was frequently missed and dreamt about until a friend of her told about my sincere admiration for her. I too talked about her with my mother. She was optimistic and happy but only for a short period.
Much can’t be talked about her because I didn’t even have her phone number. In addition to it I heard an engagement plan brewing within her family with someone else so I happily gave up.

Angels do have wings so I let them fly….if they didn’t I would have hold their hands! ha ha ha hah
I wish them happy and successful life….God Bless you both.


  1. Haha. Interesting. Wishing more such angels come to your life and you finally be able to hold one of them in your arms for once and all. Keep posting. :)

  2. @ Langa Tenzin; thanks for the wishes...i had also bought a guitar to impress them by playing but no use.... it has been gathering dust for almost a year now...hoping to find one soon to listen to it. hahaha
    @ Land of eternal happiness; Thank you for liking my post.

  3. happens......very much when our lives are so much dictated by such social media sites.....:)

  4. ha ha,,,yes sogyel bro ur right..anyways thanks for the comment...keep encouraging me by commenting visiting my blog...takcr.

  5. Nice one! But I never dated anyone faceless. Perhaps, I have many around me to take care, Ha-ha! Keep posting

  6. Sad but you have found out what you love... that is writing ... just like me... I also fell in love twice over facebook... if you wanna read my story... :)


  8. Thank you Imdiyu for you comment..shall definitely
    read ur post...

  9. Lovely post sir
    loved it more than what i could laugh as u precautioned.
    tears brimmed in my eyes to kno that. it is raelly touching and real!!
    so as sir suggested we would meet some fine day to talk about those things with the brimming coffee on the table la.

  10. @Monu ....sure we will talk over it...Thank you for visiting and dropping a lovel comment..


  11. wow! Beautifully just enjoyed it...actually nice piece of work..keep posting....

  12. WOW!ur life has been interesting. And i kno one fine day u will hav a nice, sweet girl by ur side who will not b ur wall paper but the girl of ur dreams...who will b all urs ....(right reversed)N she will say
    "The best thing about me is you”

  13. Sincerely expressed...I read some of the best expressions on ur blog..:)


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