Monday, October 31, 2011

Beautiful sketches of my class one students..

Lichen Community Primary School, by Sonam Deki
By Sonam Deki

By Dorji

By Karma Wangchuck

By Ngawang Peldon

By Sonam Lhaden

By Ugyen Pelzang

By Sonam Penjor

By Pema Wangchuck

By any means these Photos won't win Awards but have won my heart.....thats more than anything! its priceless.. 


  1. nice art of sir by ur student....:) seem ur student loves u lot...

  2. yea bunu,,,they adore me like anything...they hold my hand,,,i do hold theirs and cuddle them always...but my trained teachers cum colleagues envy and suggest me to refrain fro the acts...poor souls...god bless them..anyways thank you for visiting and leaving a comment....

  3. Nice art. keep encouraging them sir. Feels great to see such posts from a far flung school teacher. Your service to them in priceless too. Keep posting!

  4. Thank you Langa Tenzin ....its by far the nicest comment received by my post..Thank you oce again...i too await for your every new post...keep writing.....

  5. Interestingly drawn and differently focussed! Nice one! You got such a wonderful creative students!!!

  6. Thank you Yeesi7..i liked the line "Interestingly drawn and differently focussed!"..keep visiting..

  7. O! lovely bro. Once I thought that u will shoot those ugly scene which people may perceive it to be beautiful and lovely movie, exclude "NAMLEYS" of Darjeeling. But today I see the move of this tender hands that sketches a lovely pictures of you. You are focusing the light over Drukyul. Keep up bravo!

  8. are a champ, sir..:)

  9. Thank you Hari and Sogyel Bro for the visit and for the comment...will always be valued...

  10. I just love the way your students express their love and gratitude to you. That's what a teacher can do to bring difference in their lives. As William Arthur Ward said, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." You have inspired not only your students but people who are living far-flung place like me that how noble the teaching profession is. You truly are a great teacher and inspiration to us. Keep doing your great job! And don't ever forget to update us on your blog.

  11. @ Keshav Bhandari.. Thank you for the comments..Thank u for visiting my blog..

    @ Rikku sir,i m speechless...Thank you so much for the sweet and inspiring comment....will work even more from now...i am motivated ..Thank you once again...


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