Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unusual October: fill it with memories....

Today is 6th of October and an auspicious day for Hindus too. Today is Dashain. And the unusual October has just begun.

It is Unusual particularly for two reasons;
1: Royal wedding: Our king is getting married this month. It is indeed a historic and a joyous occasion for all the Bhutanese. It is even more heartwarming for both the Royal Couple. I wish them happiness and success in their lives.
Why Unusual for me?
Now, I am 28 years old lad. And to witness an event of such magnitude, I have to probably wait for another 30 years. The waiting will turn me to an old man of 58. And like any man, I am not sure to live that long. However the ‘Life Expectancy’ figures of Bhutan do flame a hope in me to witness the Royal Wedding of our future King (King Jigme Khaser Namgyel Wangchuck Jr.).  My fingers are crossed.  
2: The numbering factor: This month has 5 Sundays, 5 Saturdays and 5 mondays which happens only after 823 years. Speechless! I won’t be there to see that October sky again.

And what am I going to do to make this unusual October cherish-able at a personal level?
1:  Learn to read and write Nepali: starting this month, I am totally engrossed in learning my own language. It is getting on quite well. My race will look down on me if I don’t. my learning will go a long in helping my kids learn the language. So it is of great importance.
2: Planning and budgeting my own marriage: while I am certainly not in a relationship (wish to) or in a mood to settle down but the month is so auspicious and unusual that I am drafting a master plan for my own marriage.
Funny it may sound but these are the things I am doing.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING On THIS UNUSUAL MONTH?

# posted on an auspicious day so to get more hits and comments…hahahhaha….Happy Dashain to all.

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