Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A trip to see Buddha Gaya’s relics in Trashigang

Its 4:00 am in this part of the world. It’s extremely cold outside. A few houses in the village have their lights on. Amm Tshedrup Zangmo, generous and kind woman and wife to my house-owner, is also awake to prepare a pack lunch for her large family. On the other side of the mountain, a large number of vehicles are streaming down along the Trashiyangtse-Trashigang high way. The only road that connects the Dzongkhag with rest of Bhutan is along the Big Kulung Chu. The shimmering lights of vehicles meandering down in high speed gathered a feeling in me of some mass evacuation operation being under taken. After brushing and sprinkling water on my face I updated my Facebook status; “ soon leaving on a religious visit to trashigang……to see the relics brought from Gaya….shall update this event with photos on my blog: www.gayatribhandari.blogspot.com.”

do visit again to see the photos.....

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