Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The (Hopeful) October Sky!

The October Sky

Those Leaves on trees haven't fallen down
Down on those lush green ground

Milky white cloud float gently above
Above that beautiful clean blue sky

Flowers still bear their unique fragrance
Fragrance that lure butterflies and bees

I feel the calmness in those cold afternoon breeze
Breeze that makes me feel i still have some more breath to breathe

In all those moments i envey their resilience
Resilience that urge me to hope for beautiful or at least a better life for me

I dare expect for warmth and wonders to visit me
Under this hopeful October sky
Before all surrender their death to the unforgiving freezing winter

I wish i could sing a beautiful song of praise
For they forged me to dare a promising dream
A Dream that shall remove all my unkindly inconveniences
And thus I may shed all my greviences
Or at least wash my long due regrets!

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