Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reloaded- My trip to Trashigang to see the Relics..

on my way to the main road where a taxi awaits...

Duksum: A business hub for villages uphill but deserted today 

 Vehicles were held at Pam 4 kms from main Town to avoid traffic
 jam..a smart initiative...

The color of Marak and Sektan

Queue outside the Dzong

 Town like a Hamlet but People like a City..

The Dzong i visited for Tshechus in early 90s was revisited .

The Three Special Things people from all walks of life came
to see and to get blessed...


  1. I liked the caption, "Town like a Hamlet and People like a City". The pictures are wonderful. God Bless us all!

  2. Thank you Yeesi7...takcr and keep commenting and posting,,,

  3. Thank you for bringing out the photographs..i hear from my friend that relics are so sacred.....Buddha bless us!


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