Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why do bad things happen to good people

It has always been an intriguing questions to me; “why do bad things happen to Good People? And why do good things happen to Bad People?” The questions inevitably gained more importance when i happen to realize that I fall in one of the extremes. The list of bad things was more under my belt than the good ones which says I am eligible to call myself a Good Person. But why was the question. It bothered me a lot in recent times. It had to be answered soon. So out of sheer curiosity to investigate the reasons I kind of did a brainstorming this afternoon.  The reasons mentioned here may not be universal but it gave me a satisfactory feeling. My little brain worked more today and i could came up with the following reasons.


1: Values:  Good People have values like; love contribution to society and relationships engraved in way up on their priority list. Even if they are right, they don’t indulge themselves in quarrel or debate of any sort that can break a relationship. They feel happy to be losers. For them an incredible sense of joy comes in to show such unconditional love to others.
The societal pressure and an urge to contribute bring more defeats. My rechargeable touch (a must have to any civil servant serving in a remote posting) and Bata slipper has not yet come home since their last dispatch on humanitarian ground. I gave my touch to a mid-aged couple on their way home and my slipper to a young man who was recently struck by a dart.

2: Believe in Interdependence: Good People have unweaving believe in the concept of ‘interdependent relationship’. The relationship with his neighbors, relatives, friends and colleagues are of great importance to him. They believe in the togetherness. For them co-operation, even at the expenses of themselves, is the order of the day. So to keep the relationships going they play it safely. They don’t want to reason nor do they want any argument to blow up.  

3: Tolerant: Though Good People are emotional creatures they are master in tolerating the happenings in their life, especially bad incidents, in a closed manner. They don’t solve the issue at hand in the heat of the happening. What they best do is to resent and ponder over the incident and feel more resentful.  

4: Soft Speech: Good people have a huge collection of vocabulary that sounds soft and kind to others. They don’t curse, bully or demoralize others. But the people in general take such gentleness as weak point of that person. So the person is taken for granted for his softer acts and in the return they hammer him with bulling and mockery.

5: Utmost Respect: Good People often pays a great respect to others no matter the creed, age or status. They respect other’s opinions and suggestions. This act of showing sincere respect is often taken as the sign of innocence and stupidity of the person in question. He is often made fun of and is considered a fool. 

6: Question of Good Reputation: Bad things happen to Good People because they don’t readily change themselves. They love the way they are. They love the way people treat them. They are easily sold out to People’s flattery and cajolery talks. And sadly they cling to that reputation of being kind, innocent,soft spoken, loving, lesser egocentric ect. So in the process the Good People never change in the fear of losing that fabulous reputation and succinctly help to keep up the statement that says ‘bad things happen to good people’.

These are my reasons why do Bad things happen to Good People and if you want to read the reasons for why do Good things happen to Bad People let’s start to mention it in the spaces available below for comments. Thank you.


  1. I believe, being too good to other people is a two-way earning reputation. You do one good deed, they will say, "you are so pathetic! Why are you helping them? Are you showing off your kindness or you are just pretending to be good?"
    And you do some nonsense, they will treat you are invisible to them. So, you do good or bad, it don't really matter. You do what you want to and people will judge on that. It's our life, we got to live it the way it is. It's better we don't bother the surrounding at all.

  2. you r absolutely right yeesi7..People will ultimately talk either u do good or bad...thank you for the comment..keep visiting...


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