Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Arigatōgozaimasu Mrs Satomi

Mrs Satomi, a JICA volunteer is seen busy at the Community Health Services centre, JDWNRH providing her valuable service. She is from Japan and has been working in Bhutan for a little less than a year. She along with her in -country colleagues have initiated ''parenting session'' to orient would -be -parents on baby and mother care after baby is born. The one which my wife and I attended was secondth of such sessions initiated by her.

Her passion for the work she does exudes profusely. With smile on her face she welcomes the participants.  The way she hundles the plastic/rubber dummies for demostration is also with great care as though the dummies were living beings. In its true sense, a professional health worker! 

She would occasionally insert dzongkha phrases in between her discourse and her delivery sounds that of a seasoned dzongkha  speaker.

She would set up the conference room arranging and rearranging the chairs for participants who get inside creating more space both inside the conference room and in her heart for people who were there to attend her passionate and close to heart presentation.


Then she would invite her three other Bhutanese colleagues  with utmost courtesy. They would promptly start sharing about the importance of Breast feeding, delicate procedure for baby bathing, immunization timings and items to get ready during delivery.

Mrs Satomi would coordinate the whole discourse  passing  dummies and other items for display to her colleagues as they speak on their designated   topics.

While her colleagues inform the house Mrs Satomi would keep glancing at us with a wide smile on her face. Her cheerful face unlike what we normally see in our hospitals lights up the faces of the would-be-moms and nervous dads.

A sincere gratitude and respect for Mrs Satomi who thought of this noble initiative and has already helped many would be  moms to better understand pregnancy and motherhood through her two invaluable sessions
On behalf of all the would -be- parents of Bhutan and specially from  my wife and me, we would like to pray God to bless you with more strength to continue and highwaltage energy to do what you do the best!

Mrs Satomi arigatōgozaimasu!

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