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A movie Review: “Ngodupchen” A Miracle isn’t a Mundane Thing!


Yesterday I took my wife along with me for a special movie that was being screened in the city cinema hall since its release on 15th of May. The following write up is my personal opinion on the movie we watched. Here you go…

In life many a times we do fall sick and get hospitalized. At hospitals or for that matter at our home when we are bedridden we often unconsciously record who visited us and who didn’t. We all do that. Sometimes you feel sorry for people around you who spend their time to help you out. Feeding and providing what you want at that moment of distress. You curse yourself too for giving them too many things to handle but at times you do rely to the power of prayers to recovery sooner taking personal responsibilities for the situation. You tend to do many things and everything possible. That’s what is being beautifully shown in “Ngodupchen”.

An Atsara Entertainment Production, Directed by a young Director Sonam Lhendup Tshering and Produced by Namgay Seday Retty. The movie is still being screened during weekdays and weekends at the City Cinema Hall, Chubachu, Thimphu.

Ngödupchen, is based on the struggle of Menlha, played by Pema Yogini Yuphel. The young girl is suffering from a rare disease. Given only days to live, and shaped by a fine interplay of her fate and faith, the only weapon of choice in the remotest chance of her survival is taking refuge in the triple gems. A long, hard effort and sustained determination of her father Chencho, played by Chencho Dorji, in mitigating a cascade of problems is his only hope.

Pema Yogini Yuphel is The Next Big Thing in our otherwise small and growing Bhutanese film Industry. She is a multi-talented child Artist. She has worked previously with Astara Entertainment in and as “Raywa”. A sentimental blockbuster in its own rights. Pema can sing, dance and the acting is her real forte. ‘Ngodupchee’ is her second feature film and she nailed it again. Her expression and dialogue delivery is at par to many of our female lead actresses whom we see on big screen. All in all, Pema Yogini Yuphel is a promising actress. You got to watch her perform brilliantly yet she exudes her performance with some much ease.

Chencho Dorji, my wife’s favorite among Bhutanese male actors, is playing a supporting role of a father and as you would see in the movie he has done justice to the role.

All songs are great but I like “Zakar Zangwi Nyim” the most. I love it because of its upbeat music and its stylish dance choreography. Kids who were seated beside us were humming the song in great delight.

Jimmy Wangyal Tshering, the music director, is known for his modern upbeat music and has done a great job in terms of background score and music composition for this movie.

The work in the cinematography department, spearheaded by Sonam Lhendup Tshering himself, I felt was carried out with great maturity. He knew exactly where and how to make use of his lens. The opening images with montages showing river, prayer flags, prayer wheels, people in the street sets a perfect tone for the rest of the movie. No experimental shots with heavy cranes and tracks. All shots were well framed. We normally see these powerful still shots in serious movies. The credit equally goes to Namgay Seday Retty, the screen-play writer who had envisioned the scenes.

The hospital staff who attend Manlha more than half the span of the movie are all female nurses/doctors which I felt was an encouraging portrayal. The Girls and ladies would take a note and get inspired.

As an outsider and as a film enthusiast, the only negative points of the movie are as follows;

1. I found the frequent fadeouts quite inappropriate but I do understand that the fadeouts in particular scenes where it was absolutely required were used rightfully to give some dramatic effects.

2. Just before the intermission I felt some sluggishness in terms of the flow of the story. Thought the flow gradually picks up soon after intermission.

This movie is ‘G’ rated. And is for all ages who wish to watch it. The movie has a lot many take away points as you reach to the end of the movie. It reinforces the need for us all to have faith in the power of prayers, we shouldn’t loss hope, never give up and have trust on almighty’s grace and have believe in the old adage that ‘miracles do happen’. That’s what “Ngodupchen” is all about.

The movie is a perfect package for family members and young people to gather and spend quality time together. For sure it will connect with you because it reaffirms a lot of family values.

People who value relationships and emotions should walk in to watch the movie!

Scale of 1-5:
3 ½ 

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