Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dear Brother Facebook and Sister Twitter, it's my b/day tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be one year old. I was born on 27th August, 2011 in a remote place called Lichen, Trashiyangtse, in eastern Bhutan. You know, dad was working as a community teacher there. I believe dad was in love with Miss Internet; a young, smart and sophisticated woman for 6 long years before she conceived us. I am told that they were so deep in love that they couldn’t even imagine being apart for a day. They romanced through mobile phones, wifi, dial up and the broad band connection day in day out. So, romantic!

In 2009 dad and mom had decided to have their third child (me). You two were already five year old, up and active in the world of cyber raising your voice and updating your status. Mom told she conceived me on that same night. People say, in those days dad and mom couldn’t meet often. Dad was just out of college and busy in search of a decent job and mom use to only wait for him at cybercafé. One fine day dad had told mom regarding his appointment as a teacher in a remote school in eastern Bhutan for two years. The place he was going to was not connected with internet. She had requested him to withdraw his appointment but he was determined.

Brother Facebook and Sister twitter, you may not know, it was on 8th April, 2010 that they finally had decided to get separate and move on. It was also the day when dad aboard the bus to Trashiyangtse to serve in the community school. From that day they didn’t bother about each other. They lived their own lives. He told me that the hardest part of the separation was to depart from you two, the agents of his happiness.

The remote life had so much to offer him. The genuine respect from the community, immense job satisfaction in teaching the village children and the local people pampering him by offering fresh vegetables, dairy products and he was dined and wined lavishly too. He couldn’t ask for more. But his heart silently always wanted to meet you all. As years came to months he couldn’t afford being without you all. He told me once that missing you all for more than a year has only taught him how to love you more.

Luckily, by the fall of July, 2011, Data Card became hot and happening in Yangtse. So, dad didn’t give a second though on purchasing the data card to start a fresh beginning. He had a lot of stories to share about his stay there and about the life of the local people. He really wanted to express in minute details of life in a remote setting. So, in the evening of 27th August, 2011, I was born and dad proudly named me as diarification’. What our mom had conceived in 2009(creation of the blog) ultimately gave birth (published the first post) in 2011. And the lost love and romance this time, I believe, started to take off with a rocket speed.
On my first birthday, with more than 10,700 visitors and counting, 36 active followers and numerous comments/likes, I wish to thank a lot of people but would start with you two.

Thank you, brother Facebook and Sister Twitter for making what I am today. You two have done what all brothers and sisters lovingly do for their siblings. You introduced me to the world of writers( blogyul, TOBDEN and Writer's Association of Bhutan) and helped me create a world of my own. And for sure, I alone couldn’t have made dad go crazy on mom..hehe.

The credit goes equally to all the blog followers and diehard fans in encouraging dad to write more on my page, for making the joy of writing much exciting for him and letting dad experience his freedom of expression through me.

With you two under my wings and with the amalgam of dedicated followers I have only improved. I have come a long way from being a village oriented page drawing in a lot of emotions and feelings to the urbanization provoking sensitive thoughts when he came back to Thimphu. Thank you for warmly welcoming me here. Your likes, interest, comments and frequent visits mean nothing less than jewels and diamonds.

Thank you for making my life worth living….the love and encouragement I have received in one single year shall remain credited for a life time.

With love

Younger brother

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  1. Happy Belated birthday Gayatri Sir.
    You are one of the amazing person I know on this earth. :)


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