Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ethos of Druk School

The whole school gets in tune to sing birthday song for them...

The day I started working at Druk School after two long years of dedicated service to a small and isolated community school in eastern Bhutan, I have been mesmerized by the ethos and professional rituals conducted day in day out here in Druk School.

To brief on the current status of the school, Druk School has been recently honored with THREE STAR certificate from the ministry of Education. The Certificate is the ONLY of its kind received by a school in Bhutan. Druk School was ranked as one of the TOP TEN schools in our country for last three consecutive years owing to which the SPECIAL certificated was awarded to the school.

Following are the ethos that Druk School strongly believes in and puts in action with great pride.

1: Classes are divided into three courses; Primary section (PP – III), upper Primary (IV – VI) and lower secondary (VII – X). The courses are headed by course leaders who are sole responsible for the academic affairs of its respective courses. The administrating functions of the Primary and Upper Primary sections are looked after by Assistant Principal and Deputy Principal respectively. The Principal of the School looks after the lower secondary section.

We also conduct morning assemblies separately except on Mondays to disseminate some important information properly and effectively. We also wear Kabney and Rachu on Monday assemblies.

2: Birthday songs are religiously sung for each student in their respective assemblies. Prayers are also conducted to mourn the decease family members of our students. Meticulously, no one has been deprived of the birthday songs or the prayers till date.

4: We raise our head high and proudly sing our national anthem looking at the national flag with utmost respect.

5: Teacher-Aids are attached with Pre-Primary and class I teachers to function the affairs of the classroom more productively and professionally. The strength of all the classes in Druk School is kept to 24.

6: A new student is not required to appear for written exam or interview to get an admission. We believe in equal opportunity.

7: Students are never referred to with their roll numbers. We, in Druk School, call them out with their names only.

8: Not a single instructional period is missed out for the sake of competitions held in the school. The IEP periods and morning assembly time is used for them.

9: All the working days are FULL day at Druk School. We don’t believe in half-day. The students and the faculty works till the end of each working day whether it is the first day of the school reopening or the closing day in the end of the academic year.

10: On Fridays the faculty members attend the week’s reflection meeting. The meeting brings in the issues of the week to discuss and plans for the coming week. The student body consisting of all school prefects meets on every Monday to discuss the issues of the school from their prospective. The meetings are chaired by the Principal.

11: During the recesses including the lunch break all the teachers are out with their children playing and talking with them. It is done purely to be extra vigilant to any accidents.

12: Teachers on duty (TOD) are privileged to conduct the day’s affairs of the school. The TODs are responsible to hand over one child at a time to his/her parents and they are usually the last group of people to leave for home. Class Teachers of Primary Section also see off their children handing over one child at a time.

19: Belief statements chartered in our school diary:
a.       We believe successful teaching takes place when there is safe, secure and stimulating environment.
b.      We believe each child should be motivated in all aspects of learning by doing.
c.       We believe in wholesome development of every individual.
d.      We believe successful teaching and learning takes place when there is mutual understanding between parents and teachers.
e.      We believe reflection is an integral part of learning.
f.        We believe in honoring human potential.
g.       We believe all teachers make difference in the lives of children.
h.      We believe all learning takes place when children are encouraged to think creatively and critically.
i.         We believe in providing student centred class.
j.        We believe in encouraging risk taking and problem solving.
k.       We believe in recognizing every child’s contribution.
l.         We believe in working collaboratively and helping each other.

                                                                                                                         To be continued……

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  1. it's good that you are faring well in such a reputed school. we are happy for you arduous achievement. Do good because we know, that you've got a zeal for teaching.


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