Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In the land of woman…anything is possible.

One find day, a happy and continues relationship of many years suddenly comes to an end. It would mean nothing to one lady while another woman joggles many more years to decide settling down with one.

Women price a man’s genuine love and affection with your bank balance, the type of car you drive or how high you fly in society. A tight wallet and a macho style sweep the ground beneath their legs. Yet, at the end of the day she only needs love and care to have a sound sleep at night.

Biggest irony? Women give birth -a symbol of LOVE, but they don’t mind giving love a bad name. They don’t want to be the first one to pop the question or initiate a relationship. They take man for a rollercoaster ride along the LOVE Ave. They accept gifts, they don’t mind dining and they cajole for minute favors from man to meet her needs- to which man only serves flamboyantly.

They hide their true feelings for a man yet they wear designer clothes and use a lot of cosmetics to look confident, elegant and beautiful.

They always appear clean, fresh and beautiful yet Jealousy is what women are infamously known for.
They shed tears so effortlessly yet fail to understand how painful it would be for their men to witness it.
For them “goodbye’’ could only mean a chance to start a fresh beginning. For men it’s the last word they wish to utter.

Women sleep over their fancy dreams and men dream only about “them”.

One woman will never accept your love even if you have expressed it in a million ways while for another woman 5 seconds of ‘side walk’ is enough.

One woman arrogantly wants to read 1000 pages of a man’s history to accept him while another woman doesn’t turn a page, she falls in love looking at the design of its cover page.

All said and done, women play a great role in keeping the human race alive. How? The beauty of each woman is the grace they are bestowed with (apart from the apparent physical beauty). What’s that? It is the ‘duty bound’ yet sweet responsibility of women to look after two generations. First she looks after her own children and later her grand children are brought up with her undivided love and dedicated care wrapped with the warmth of her affection. Go Women Go……..

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  1. I'm a silent but dedicated follower of your blog and I enjoy most of what you post. Thank you for writing such a captivating story.

    But in general, we need to remind ourselves that we are all flawed humans, and thus we should not expect too much from each other. The one person that loves us the most can disappoint us because they are human. The Only One that cannot disappoint is GOD almighty, and in him lies all our hope and trust. I know this is the reality for some women. My thoughts are within the brackets. :P


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