Saturday, April 7, 2012

Subways in Thimphu are misused.

Yes, we have subways in Thimphu though small ones. But a lot of people don’t know about it and those who know it exists use it for some other purposes.

The two mini-subways are located along the Doebum Lam which straights from Memorial Chorten to the door step of Ministry of information and communication building. One subway is in front of swimming pool complex and the other one is below Changangkha School.

The subways are currently functioning brilliantly but their subjects are wired. Some find it as a safe haven to smoke there because smoking publicly is prohibited in our country, some feel it is more spacious to show their love, a handful of pedestrians shit and pee there and many have discovered it as a waste dumping site. If you accidently happen to avail the service [not the ones mention above but simply to cross the double lane road], I bet, you will see dozens of cigarette butts/boxes, used condoms, waste scattered everywhere and it smells like hell. In addition, it’s too dark there.   

Even more concerning is that the students who have to cross this busy road every morning to reach their schools are not being able to use it! Why? A student tells me that the subway smells horrible and a lady teacher from the vicinity informs me that schools and students nearby had used the subway at the beginning but had to discontinue because after few weeks it became dirty, smelly and scary too.

 So the subway doesn’t exist at all for the students. They are now compelled to cross the road over the subway no matter the amount of traffic. It bothers me every day when I see a group of senior students from a nearby school stand wearing the Traffic Suit and holding a small STOP signboard in their hands to control the traffic flow so that their school mates can cross the road safely and make to school on time.

The strategic locations of the subways are phenomenal. Both were built specially to let students and youths cross the road safely. The immediate consumers of both the subways are Youths from swimming pool, Harmony valley, Youth Development Fund Complex, students from Kelki High school, students of Changangkha School and Rinchen Kuenphen School.

Now my question is………are schools nearby expected to adopt the subways to keep it clean like they adopted streams flowing near their schools?

….is concern authorities aware of the whole situation?   .....are subways in Thimphu just ornamental?

Or we, the citizen, have to be more responsible and morally sensible in our conduct?


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  1. It definitely is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep the environment clean and make use of the property that the government has made it easier for us. In any case, if it is misused like the above ones, government has to take action against it and let society know about it and let them clean it.
    We shouldn't be pointing it to making for making sub-ways. It is solely our responsibility.
    The best measure to control those sewage and garbage problem is "Display notifications to keep it clean".

    Thoughtful one!
    P,S, for ones I almost forgot the directions of the places in Thimphu. Missed Bhutan!
    Thank you for posting such article. If only such issues were published in the Newspapers. It would benefit all the people.


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