Saturday, September 15, 2012

‘Teacher’s Day Out’ on International Day of Democracy.

YDH Hall jam packed with Teachers

The Thimphu Thromdey education section organized a special day out for teachers of 29 schools under Thimphu Thromdey yesterday afternoon. The day was officially known as ‘Lopen Khamsang’-Teachers day out. The banner on the stage proudly stated ‘Thromdey Education Section celebrating Serig Century taking 1000 teachers out at Coronation Park on 15th September, 2012’. The participating schools presented songs and dances to observe the day. The occasion was graced by the Education Minister Lyenpo Thakur S. Powdyel.

The organizer initially wanted to take the teachers out in an open air at Coronation Park, away from chalk sticks and green boards, chairs and tables, classroom walls and school campuses. They believed teachers hardly get time to gather outside their school gates. The organizer wished to observe the day in pure Bhutanese traditional way- Every one sitting on floor with legs crossed and fully engaged in cozy conversation of what all Bhutanese are famously known for. But due to heavy down pour the venue was changed (YDF Hall) at eleventh hour.

Never the less, the program moved on as outlined. The minister in his address said teachers are not cared of by the media unless found doing wrong. He offered his sincere gratitude and honor teachers for making our country more knowledgeable. He also reaffirmed the valuable role as teachers we each individual perform. The responsibility of making a difference in a learner’s life and the duty so profound that imparts the nation’s future. He said, ‘If Bhutan has to succeed as a nation it will be through education and if Bhutan as a nation fails it will be through education’.
Colleagues capturing moments to remember.

The huge gathering of 1160 teachers at YDF Hall was first of its kind. The gathering saw 1160 nation builders taking out some time to relax chit-chat and dine with new and old colleagues keeping aside the common challenges faced inside the classrooms each day of each month of each academic year.
Rush at stalls before the program had commenced
The teachers were provided with coupon of worth Nu: 200 to spend on food items from the stalls which were spread out in front of YDF Hall. The Teachers enjoyed eating their share in between the songs and dances performed on the stage.

Another stall with another group of teachers.
The time I had spend with my colleagues and fellow teachers pleased me but what struck me on my way home provoked me.  The Teachers Day Out or Lopen Khamsang coincidently shared the day with International Day of Democracy.

Was it just a coincident? No. The message is clear. By the virtue of being teachers and we being actively involved in the lives of youngsters the 'Day Out', in a subtle way, urges us (and teachers around the country) to think more about our young democracy. The future of our democracy lies in the head of our young population-the youth of our country. We need to share and discuss only the noble ideas of democracy. We need to make our children aware of the true nature of democracy and help young minds shape a positive perception of it. ‘Democracy education’ (Theme for this year) taught within the four walls of classroom today will usher a positive democratic mentality for tomorrow.

The ‘Day Out’ simply and symbolically ushers to be just another ‘Day In’ for the silent heroes of our country to pull up their sleeves and start moulding the minds of our youth for better and  ideal democracy  for future Bhutan!


  1. I like the way sir thought at the end. Teachers make or destroy the youth but teachers does it. I am sure that children just copy what their teacher do. I, as a student used to feel whatever teachers does is right. When I was so young, I went to the extent of copying their walking styles forget about other things.

    It is good to know that such innovative initiatives are coming up in GNH country. We love seeing our teachers gather, meet their colleagues, and share the dream of building our nation.

  2. I am amazed! I hope such initiative's also take place in other parts of the country too so that teacher's in another corner feel included in the 'Democracy Education'.


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