Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My friend ‘a New Cow Man’

New Cow getting in a line.....

Back in my school days I had a macho friend. He was a fair, stylish and muscular lad. The only problem with him was his height. He wasn’t that tall. But, for him that wasn’t a problem at all. The height didn’t bother him much as he was immensely celebrated by our school girls.

Our mutual girl friends in the school would often talk about the charm he possessed. The killing looks he had which made their world go blind and the magical touch of his fingers sending quiver of excitement throughout their body. He was one boy who all high school boys would envy his style and all girls would wish to go out for a date with him.

Girls at the school had all time under the sun to talk about him and would tirelessly ask everything regarding my A-list friend. One at a time they would come to my desk during free periods and recesses only to glorify my friend further. Some talk about his body, handful of them romanticize his way of glancing at them and few go crazy over the casual caresses my STAR friend would use to begin any conversation with them.

Argh! Felt sorry for them on occasions when I see them closing their eyes and endlessly praising my friend who hardly cares about them. He was one easy gay who didn’t have a heart for love and emotions but he happened to be a good friend of mine who would stand by me at all cost.

But one thing that amazed me most about my friend was his flair to start conversation with new girls without a slight hitch and immediately go out for dates with them leaving the old girls clam, satisfied and happy! He would meticulously aside the old girlfriends for new ones and never let them realize that they have been left forever. As far as I remember, he didn’t date the same girl twice. Once dated made that girl old for him, out-dated stuff that he didn’t bother to come back again. He wanted only new one! And believe it or not, he gets a new one in a snap of fingers.

As busy were girls in the school praising my friend, he use to describe me how well did each date unfolded. Like a gifted narrator he would narrate everything that happened in between HI and GOODBYE often mix matching the place of date with the names of his ladies.

I had been quite old timer those days. I believed in mingling with one girl and settle down with her too. The belief I had those days is still strong today. I didn’t have a long name list of girls dated like my macho friend who preserved the list with great pride and was so proud to show it to me. Unlike my friend, I would have been contended with a girl happy enough to share her life with me. My friend was flying high.

We were destined to come together for few years but we lived with absolutely different approaches to things in life. He wanted elegant body and I dreamt of a beautiful mind. Emotions made me where my friend was molded with passion. One would have been enough for me while he kept adding on his list. Miss x might have been the final destination for me but for my friend she would be just another stepping stone to his out-of-sight destination.

I wondered what was happening with my friend until recently I read about ‘New Cow Theory’ It comes from the book animal husbandry by Laura Zigman. It has just been made into a movie called someone like you starring Ashley Judd.
The new cow theory is based on that when a bull is shown a cow it will want to mate with it. But then it will no longer want that cow because it is now old cow and the bull wants new cow!

The theory applies this concept to men. It is why some men (the new cow men, like my macho friend) will go from woman to woman, while others (the old cow men, like me) will be happy to stay with one woman.
The question I have for you amidst this awesome piece of information is Are you an Old Cow Man or a New Cow Man? Huh?


  1. Thanks for the info sir, and thoroughly enjoyed reading. by the way m supposed to be old cow men..but..lol

  2. What a metaphoric description!!! Loved it! You are an amazing cow man. :D


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