Saturday, September 29, 2012

Phuntsholing Bus Terminus: Mighty yet Meager.

I have great reverence for Phuntsholing Town-Not just because I completed my high school there but most importantly it has been serving as a commercial hub for the entire country since ages. It also has a transformation system in place that covers almost half of our country in a single day. Commuters now can travel faster like never before. But, with utmost reverence come deep feelings to care about it more - a strong urge to help keep its reputation up. The following article is pen down with my caring heart so the reverence I have for the town in my heart is not marked forever.
 Phuntsholing Bus Terminus...stands tall but weak.
The lavishly built Bus Terminus of the commercial Capital of our country is not so commuter friendly! How? Few basic facilities like toilet and a waiting area with chairs are still needed to be put in so that passengers and commuters paying the ever increasing fare on availing the transport serve is justified.
The Only Toilet Available..Far and apart.
The Mighty Terminus doesn’t have a toilet for the convenience of few hundreds of travelers arriving to and leaving from the station each day. Unlike in Thimphu, the commuters there have to walk approximately 50 meters out of the station to use a toilet. This toilet doesn’t belong to the station too. It stood before the terminus was built.

Big enough Space to move but No place to sit.
But they have enough cash to pay for the
electricity bill(it was 10 am when i took this Pic-the lights were still on) 
The Mighty does have big enough space within the terminus for travelers to move in and out but no chairs for them to seat and wait for their bus to arrive. An Officer at one of the ticket counters said that the chairs have been removed since last year when they found few chairs laying there in bad condition. Since then, the commuters have been using the stair cases and platforms to wait for their bus to arrive at the station.

A mother feeds her sick baby on the stair-case. 

Commuters seen seated on the staircase and on the floor
The Mighty Terminus is also often covered by litters and pot holes are plenty to see on the court yard of the terminus. The corners are littered with doma spits and the walls have cracks on them. The ceiling of the Mighty terminus desperately needs a repair (the damage is visible on the above Photograph). Delay in departure of the buses seem OK to everyone and Private number vehicles can rush in and out to drop and pick up passengers on their own wit and wish. This practice is actually restricted in the terminus for the safety of the passengers but its viral now.
The Panoramic View of the Mighty Terminus
Concerned agencies must be doing their best day in day out to serve the people but on those two particular days when I arrived a week ago and then left from the station yesterday things were pretty unlikely. It appeared as if the terminus was left on itself to function.

To take care of Public and state property is every individual’s fundamental duty and appealing and questioning the concern authorities for the betterment of a society is every individual’s fundamental right. Phuntsholing residents need to exercise their rights and save the reputation of their own Town.  

I wish nothing but good for the town and comfortable for the commuters coming to Phuntsholing who will actually take the impression of the town back to their home. And what could be more shameful for Phuntsholing Community than to showcase the condition of the terminus from where commuters set forth their first steps of their visit to the town. Its too big a risk that people of Phuntsholing helplessly take each day!

I wish the Mighty remains as the mightier but the Mighty is bit meager these days to keep its own reputation. 


  1. Good observation and very thoughtful.....

  2. I am with you Gayatri Sir.
    I hope, I hope and I hope that Government looks into benefiting the people in general.

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