Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cultural Slpendour of Bhutan..a concert!

Yesterday afternoon the Lower Primary Students (PP-III) of Druk School staged their annual Concert in the YDF Hall, Thimphu. The theme ‘Cultural Splendor of Bhutan’ graced the stage with regional songs and dances. The concert brought in all contemporary songs and dances performed in our country on one stage sending out a powerful message of how rich our cultural heritage is. The concert also reiterated the unity of different culture prevalent in our small country- An absolute testimony of ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE philosophy envisioned by our forth King.

My program for the Concert was a simple one, no dance, no song. ‘The Amalgam’ was the name we gave to the program. It was all about the parent-child bonding, different languages and dialects we speak and the different costume we wear as BHUTANESE. The following is the synopsis for the item my students presented this afternoon.     

“As colorful are our festivals, as beautiful are our valleys, as majestic are our mountains, the different languages and dialects we speak in different pockets of our small country and the beautiful costume we wear with it do the icing on the cake. Good evening to you all. I Gelek Yangzom Tshering of Class II C is honored to present to you the amalgam of these languages, dialects and the beautiful costumes on this stage. I and my class mates have a special message to convey to our parents. We shall come in pairs to share it. Though we may sound different, but the messages only tell you how Thank full we are of the love and care you as parents have shown to us and we Promise to look after you in times of need. Like it, savor it and cherish it. Tashi Delek!”

Enjoy the glimpses of the concert:

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My Item...The Amalgam

Today afternoon the Upper Primary( class IV - VI) shall stage their concert entitled “Splendour of SAARC”.
Venue: YDF
Time: 2:30 pm
Ticket: 250-
Dress Code: The Costumes of SAARC Countries...
The money collected through tickets will go to the re-construction of Wangdue Phodrang dzong.

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