Thursday, July 20, 2017

Naming Ceremony of our son.

Dear son Yashayr  Daiwik Bhandari,

Yes thats your name. Yashayr Daiwik Bhandari. Yashayr means ‘wealth’ (in sanskrit , And in dzogkha: Ya means high and shayr means shine)and Daiwik means 'grace of God'; Yes you are our irreplaceable wealth and indeed a grace of God; A blessing from heaven.

Priest Modan Pokhrel undertaking the ceremony
On 16th July, the whole family again got engrossed in your naming ceremony at our place in Changzamtog. The naming ceremony is known as Naamkaran in Hindi and Nauran in our Nepali culture. The ceremony was administered by Pandit Mohan Pokhrel.
Uncle Yamuna helping me during the ceremony

The event is usually held on 11th day after birth. The naming ceremony is one of the lavish events. 

Your daddy had to be with the priest performing the various rituals related to the elaborated religious ceremony. The culture has been passed down from generation to generation. It has lived for more than 5000 years now! There must be something so subtle and powerful we cannot easily deny or neglect the rituals. Thus, your daddy accepted to conduct the ceremony wholeheartedly.  Two long hours of offering, prayers and mantra recitations were religiously undertaken for your overall wellbeing.
Your daddy didnt know much about the procedures involved. Uncle Yamuna made himself available during the ceremony to assist me. You have to know that as I am very grateful to him so is the whole family because your uncle has been always there in all major family events/crisis making sense of the situations. By the way, the uncle priest was also considered enough to repeat instructions in simple Nepali so I could complete the ceremony without leaving anything incomplete.
After prayers being offered; offerings made and Yagna (ceremonial rites to god) done, the family members were summoned for the much awaited moment. To hear the auspicious letter sound pronounced by the priest of which the name of the New born shall start with. The auspicious letter sound are Ya or yaa. The name could start with either sound. With great happiness we named you Yasayr!

After the announcement, you were taken outside by your grandma to veranda, as instructed by the priest, to help you stand on your feet touching a lump of cow dung and also make you do surya darshan (showing to the sun for blessings). This is done to get liberated from all impurities. Thus, from that day, relatives and friends could visit you as and when they wish to.

    Stepping on cow dung; an act to purify.
Grandma helping you see the mighty sun.
I knew that you would be the center of attention during the ceremony so your daddy bought some gifts for your brother Herish and sister Neha and Deepanjali. Why? Because I read somewhere that during such events siblings feel isolated because the center of attention would be the New born. They would feel neglected. Hope your daddy made them happy by presenting a jumper to Herish, a colouring book for Deepanjali and a Short story book for Neha didi. We could only do the presentation of gifts at the end of the naming ceremony.
Sister Deepanjali with her gift
Neha with her gift.

Herish with his gift.
However, according to the age old culture, your mom will have to wait till 22nd day before she would be allowed to enter inside our alter room. She wont be also allowed to prepare meals for others during this period. 

Grandma Juma Subedi and uncle Matrika with you
Aunt Homa presenting you a gift

Aunt Binda presenting you a gift.
Many relatives and family friends came to pay you a visit. To congratulate us and to wish you good health, success and happiness. Along with them many gifts also came home to celebrate your arrival. To host large number of visitors is a daunting task. Both your grandmas, aunts (Binda and Homa) and other relatives were very busy in preparing meals and serving the visitors. You got to thank them one fine day.
This will bring a smile on your face. In the following day grandpa was seen folding your loincloths neatly. Grandma was seen resting with you after the hectic day. 

Grandpa busy with your loincloths.
Grandma's special moment with you.
And amidst these, we were to hear another news. We receive a photo sent by an uncle from our village sharing a good news on WhatsApp. Our young cow has given birth to a healthy calf. Icing on the cakeI thought. The family had another beautiful reason to be glad and to remember this auspicious month. The month of your birth (6th July), the sixth day celebration (11th July and your naming ceremony (16th July). 

Our cow with her New born calf.
Love you
Mom and Dad.
Date: 20th July, 2017.

#Yagna Picture courtesy@uncle Matrika.

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