Saturday, July 29, 2017

Happy Birthday to my own goddess of Compassion.

Dear Tara,

Today you will be celebrating your 27th Birthday. Its your 5th birthday we would be celebrating together. And yes the first birthday of yours after becoming a mother. Yes, this birthday will down in history as the very special birthday you have celebrated.

Tara, you have come a long way. Experiencing the so called life way beyond your age. From a young girl to a fine lady, you have shown so much courage to speak your mind and to stand on your own feet, bravery to maintain self-esteem and the zeal for the life to live. And now you are a proud mother of a healthy boy. You deserve every possible happiness and peace of mind.

I know along the way time has taken a toll on your body.  Those pregnancy scars and pain you have courageously endured during labour will heal with time but the joy of becoming a mother and whatever that comes along with its territory will continue.

No matter what sort of party i throw tonight or gift i present to you today wont make this birthday more memorable because the best thing in the world is there nestling in your lap. The special gift you have gifted yourself after you have endured those scars and labour pain. I am so proud of you my lady! 

Yashayr our little champ was born on 6th of July and you on 30th of July. I know you are super excited because you are sharing your birthday month with our little one. Yashayr is 25 days old today.
Thus, on your this special birthday I reaffirm my promise to give you and our little one a ton of love, to become superhuman(All fathers aspire to be) to look after your needs and those of our son's. One more; Iighting a butter lamp this morning  i prayed to God to bless you always with good health, more strength, happiness, peace of mind and courage of a perfect mother to help you help our son grow and nurture to become a fine man!. 

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