Wednesday, July 12, 2017

His Destiny is being written!

Dear son,

The day before Yesterday, on 11th of July, we celebrated “Chowtung” (The sixth day). It was to mark 6th day of your arrival to this earth as our son. Because in Hindu culture there exist a religious practice and believe that on the 6th day after the birth of a child, Vidhaata (the Goddess of destiny) would quietly enter the house around midnight to pen down the destiny of the newborn. 
Though this ritualistic celebration is not so commonly practiced but your grandmother informed me about it so we together decided to organize it. That was three days back. In the morning of 11th July, I went out do some shopping for we have also decided that we would be serving meals to our relatives who we have invited to visit us. There also exist a belief that on 6th day, relatives and friends would eat and drink without any restrictions as it is considered very auspicious day. Else relatives and friends wont eat from the birth day till the naming ceremony which falls on 11th day. Close relatives and the family members of the new born kinda become untouchables during this period.  
However, the most excited team member was your grandmother. Right from the morning as we rise for the day, she was preparing diya (special lamp) to have it lit throughout the auspicious day, drawing swastikas on papers so she could paste it where ever appropriate to give it the divine ambience and lay out flowers and rice grains elegantly on a bowl where the lamp which symbolize Vidhaata is lit.
Beside the special lamp she had also placed a red pen and a new diary for Vidhaata; the Goddess of Destiny to write the future of the newborn. Traditionally people use banana leaves for some reasons.

Not to forget, your grandfather was also equally engrossed right from the morning penning down lines of praises to the almighty. Later in the evening we came to know that he was to sing those lines while relatives had gathered for Bhajan to invoke Vidhaata to embark for a special journey to our home.


It was an auspicious day so we also wanted you to wear new clothes. There was incessant rain outside but it didnt raise a single hair of my arms. I went and daddy bought a new cloth for you. The first set of shirt and pant for you to wear on the most significant day of your life.

On the previous night, your grandmother and I had cleaned our rooms and rearranged the set of furniture in our house so to make our living room more spacious.  For many relatives, far and near, were invited for the event. 


Early afternoon, your aunt Binda(along with her husband), grandmother and I got ourselves busy preparing feast for the visitors. 
Uncle Matrika led the Bhajan (hymns singing) program. Singing and simultaneously playing keyboard to orchestratorchestrate  a soothing melody with great divinity and your grandfather was literally full on. Singing his heart out. Quite often off synch but that wont deter his enthusiasm and energy.

He kept going. Till the end. Rest of the family members and relatives became the choir members mostly being led by uncle Matrika and your grandfather. The clueless choir members and the lead singers decided to call it a day when the bajaj wall clock read 9:30 Pm.

Meanwhile as we prepare, sing and eat dinner, this whole time, you were nestled under your mothers torso and she was breast feeding you with utmost sense of satisfaction and pride for she gave birth to you after anxiously waiting for you for nine long months.
Your uncle Amrit, aunt Ganga and maternal grandmother were also present during the event. 

By 10:30pm, dinner was served and the small yet highly significant program came to an end. As we see off our relatives we again invited them for your yet another important day; naming ceremony which is scheduled for July 16, 2017. This coming Sunday.

Before I end, let me inform you that meanwhile as we wait for 16th of July, we are thoroughly involved in listing possible names for you. We did have a healthy debate so far over various names for we care how you would be best referred to. 

With love 
Your mom and dad.
Dated: 13th July 2017.

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