Friday, May 4, 2012

Teacher's Day In Druk School And Lichen Community Primary School

When a storm of children came with handmade cards and expensive pens and cups wrapped in techno colored plastics to wish me on Teachers Day, my heart literally melted. In those cute little eyes I saw admiration sparkling for me. I felt it in my bones-It was so subtle.

But as the flow of emotion slowly settled down deep in my soul, I realized why I was feeling it so strongly. It was certainly my first official Teachers Day Celebration (as a Teacher).  And reading the hand written messages on the cards and receiving gifts accompanied with a warm hug did the icing on the cake. It was special and so perfect!

The second best reason that I could figure it out happened to be quite nostalgic. Amidst the overflowing admiration and love from the students of Druk School I was somehow missing my previous students of Lichen Community School (Trashiyangtse), with whom I had spent two long years in their stone and mud plastered class rooms inspiring them to dream big. Giving hopes to them that one day they will also have brand new shoes to wear and big cars to travel in. Motivating my Pema Dorji to work hard and telling him that his dream of becoming a pilot and giving his grandparents a flying experience is possible! Buying a brand new pair of slippers for a student whose slipper had a big hole on its sole and hugging the orphans and the destitute students. (You won’t believe me, I cried as I wrote these lines…….)

I missed them so much that day. And shall miss them always. Its like missing or remembering your first love even after break up.

 I wondered what they were doing on this particular day there. I imagined them looking after their cattle or working in their small patch of land because the day use to be declared holiday. But unlike previous years the school did celebrate the Teachers Day this year.  The following pictures show how the special Day for teachers was observed there and here.

Candle light Dance in our Makeshift MP hall. (Yangtse)
At Druk open as the sky

Dancing on our  school assembly ground (Yangtse)

Class PP Dancing on the only artificial ground in our country (Druk School)
The children There(Yangtse)

Me with my NEW ANGELS (Druk School)
Photo Courtesy: Sonam Dorji (


  1. What a day! What a story!
    Students light our heart and keeps a long lasting impression that we can never feel the same way again.
    They are way too precious.

    1. @Yeesi...They make my life worth living..its more fun with them....had i continue my film making career i wont have laughed or cried a joyful tears....Thank for visiting and dropping a line or two regarding their preciousness...God Bless You


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