Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The journey from no: 217 to no: 1

The very appointment here in Druk School has been an emotional event for me. i came from a small community school in Trashiyangtse which is almost 600 Km away from here. My previous school, Lichen Community Primary School ranked 217th out of 500 plus schools in our country.

With the appointment letter in my hand I had a lot of mixed feelings in my heart. I knew I got what I always wanted because back in 2009 I had applied for a post of teacher in Druk School but was not appointed. Having not being appointed then I joined the Light Drukyul Project as a Contract Teacher. And when I finally got the appointment letter last December the scale of challenges waiting ahead for me, in my new school, slowly started to sink in.

The journey from no: 217 to no: 1 was indeed more emotional but the appointment brought in more challenges. I knew I have 216 reasons to be happy but I was also aware of 216 new responsibilities that will be entrusted upon me and I was sure that I should be professionally 216 steps forward in the classrooms of Druk School.

With these empowering feelings in the back of my mind I spent the beginning of this year in preparing myself to confront the bright and the brilliant learners. To borrow Robin Sharma’s (Author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”) words ‘Awareness precedes choices precedes change’; Browsing the internet for new ideas in education and viewing youtube videos for additional information was the order of the day. I was aware what I needed, found so many choices and started to change.

And interestingly I too found truth in that old maxim that says; “Ask and thy shall receive”.
Facilitator explaining the Kagan's Cooperative Learning Structures


A telephonic invitation from Druk School to participate in the “Training on Transformative Pedagogy for 21st Century Teachers; Facilitated by Royal Education Council, GNH SEED SCHOOL Instrumental Leaders and Coordinated by Rinzin Research and Consultancy Services” on the 2nd of February and the subsequent days of learning the Kagan’s cooperative learning structures solidified my preparation for Druk School.
The Workshop wall

This is indeed my story, an anecdote of a teacher being blessed with the latest educational wisdom but it isn’t an end in itself. The journey of teaching in my new school with newer skills and strategies is yet to begin. All said and done, I believe I was born a passionate teacher but Thank You DRUK SCHOOL, Facilitators from Royal Education Council and Rinzin Research and Consultancy Services for Coordinating the Five Day Training that simply ornamented me with skilful strategies and for making me a better TEACHER.


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