Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My speech on the 'Impression' of the Orientation programm

The following is the ‘speech on impression’ that I delivered on 8th April, 2010- the day when the orientation for Light Drukyul Teachers (third batch) concluded. Venue- Auditorium of Centenary Youth Center,Thimphu.

“What will the child that you once were think of the adult that you have become?”

If we all keep this question in our mind it will serve us to think better, do better and be better each day of our life.

Good morning to you all- Honorable Madam Secretary Heads of departments and my fellow colleagues.

 The one week long orientation program could be summed up in these three words ‘Attitude changing experience’.

Past few days we have been familiarized on varies teaching methodologies- skills and strategies. It included;
Orientation on curriculum
Year/Block/ Lesson planning
Teacher’s Roles and Responsibilities
Educating for GNH
Counseling and other relevant topics.

I shall now deal with the impression of this orientation program.

After having briefed on these topics there has been a shift in the way we understand the teaching profession. Before the orientation we only had the opinion that the profession of teaching is mere difficult and often tiresome. Now, it seems not only interesting but it also provides an opportunity to touch lives and ultimately create a legacy for ourselves by becoming a good teacher. That’s the change in attitude and understanding I have seen.

At the beginning of the orientation, one of my friend use to receive calls from the Employment Board and other Private Companies informing him of dates scheduled for job interviews that he had applied earlier. But, as days passed on, my friend began to press the Red button each time his mobile rang. And he would immediately concentrate on the lecture being presented. That’s the change in decision I have seen.

Two weeks back when we stood in a long queue for light Drukyul interview, which was conducted in the well furnished building on my left side- our prime focus was mainly on the monetary aspect of the job though it could only attract a small number of candidates. But now, our focus is mostly on the avenue or the scope to serve the needy communities in far flung corners of our country. And to help their sons and daughters live a decent life through education and in a broader sense, to serve the nation. That’s the change in desire I have seen.

At more personal level, after I completed my graduation in mid 2008, I worked with two private media organizations stationed in Thimphu. But, due to their financial difficulties I had to resign by the mid of 2009. Since then, I have been applying for a teaching post in almost all the private schools in the country. Having earned a degree in mass communication and journalism, I even pursued the principals by presenting them with a proposal to set up a Media club in the school, but to no avail.
Hopeless and dejected, I felt my dream of becoming an educationist is finished. But fortunately on mid of March someone from the Ministry of Education called to inform that I got selected for Light drukyul Project. I was excited because I was waiting for a call. And after attending this orientation I am hopeful like never before that my dream of becoming one of the finest teachers in the country is not so far away. That’s the change I have gone through.

Happy teaching to all of you!

Thank you and Trashi Delek!

My teaching contract will expire on 18th of December, 2011. Teaching, without any formal training, in a remote community school has been an educational journey for me too.

Note: Thanks giving to Ministry of Education and Royal Civil Service Commission via my blog is scheduled on April 8th, 2012. I have so much to share.. 

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  1. wonderful post.....makes me garner more respect for teachers..:)

    and by the way, hope after 18th, you again get into teaching only..:)


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