Friday, November 18, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s Sports Day in a remote community school.

Due to budget constrain this year we organized our Annual School sport’s day differently. Instead of organizing competition between individuals, which will considerably consume a huge amount of money in purchasing prizes, we decided to conduct competitions among groups. All the sporting events were Team orientated. A packet of sweet was kept as the prize and sadly the only team which secured first position in the competition got the prize. Felt sorry for the runner ups and the participants. However they showcased a fantastic sporting spirit despite some uneasiness. 

Managing events and programmes in a small school is indeed a monumental task as the school doesn’t have avenues to make extra funds. Whatever little the fund Government provides we have to divide smartly. This time around our smartness had to be employed in dividing the limited fund between Sport’s Day and School Picnic-cum-Farewell to class six. We are going for Picnic tomorrow.

As I am the games and sport’s coordinator of the school, I had to come up with a list of Team Oriented Games for the event. Following are the sporting events conducted a few days back. Hope you like it.

Dragon Tag: Extended version of pulling the tail
Stick Race

Musical Chair for our pre-primary Kids

Pole Race...My boys loved it but girls Hated the most!

Rally race

Find Your Own Shoe: Another Hit item among the Pre-primary kids


  1. All the pictures are lovely. It bring me many memories of my primary school days too.

    thanks for sharing here.....

  2. It reminds me about my childhood days in our community school where I participated in Balloon breaking race and won twice. And the landscape of your school seems very similar to ours.
    An ways, Enjoy the Picnic sir.:)

  3. Thank you Peldhen Sonam Nima sir and Leoparsica sir for your lovely comments and for the visit...keep encouraging me and keep visitng...

    God Bless You Both....

  4. yeah its like goin back to our past in living it once again thanks sir for this....

  5. Surely, it took me to my old primary school days.
    The playful and innocent days still keeps my presents days with smiles and cries of hardships.

    Nice collection of Pictures Sir.


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