Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Long Long Goodbye!

The villagers here have already planned out a grand party for me even before my colleagues. The spot has been decided. It’s on a hill top nearby. But sadly it will be the last gathering for me with the people who adored me the most. It’s my farewell. I am leaving soon after serving them as a teacher in their community for last two years.

 I have exactly 20 days more to stay here. And I have already started to feel uneasy about it. The feeling to leave them robs my serenity. The same feeling is elsewhere too. Whenever I number the days to stay here, grandpas, grandmas and aums click their tongue, hold my hand and vehemently says in their limited Dzongkha, ‘Oye deybay masung…. lopon, ngacha……. sam ……..megha lopon….. mewa chan…aaii’ stammering and filling gaps in between with words from their own dialect.

You may only lament but I have seen it on their innocent eyes, heard it in their voice and felt it all in my heart. The generosity shown and the warmth of their kindness will shell me against any storm. I have been honored, applauded, respected, looked upon and praised to the length that I have become ever stronger. They have asked for a private meeting with me to offer me hand- beaten tangma (maize goody) as gift to my parents and to pour me some butter tea in the eve of my departure because they know that I love those stuffs extremely.
Two year old Sonam Yangchen munching on a maize head.
For more Pictures-
Our football team; Pls don't look at our physique but understand the spirit.

The husbands and boys too wish to have a Lopen like me when I leave from here. For I have been there for them in many occasions. I played, drank, laughed and sang along with them. I have attended all the Local festivals, graced their marriage ceremonies with my presence, helped in arranging cakes, candles and balloons for enthusiastic parents on their children’s birthday. Most of them are lay monks and they also love to play football. We once teamed up to play a match with teachers of TrashiYangtse Middle Secondary School in TrashiYangtse town. Though we lost the match but it only further cemented the friendship we share.

I have composed the following song in praise of them. It is in their dialect (spoken by upper T/yangtse dwellers) and is translated for your pleasure. I wish to sing it to them in the farewell party if only my heavy heart would.

Oka hongsa gala sindey
(I felt happy coming here)

Nga ku Khim ma graindey
(I didn’t miss my home)

E  biki kantu sinday
(You loved me like your baby)

Purarang sam libu basa new
(Everybody is kind hearted)

Abu, achea, shomo, shokpo
(Elder sister, elder brother, sister and brother)

Nga satharang new
(Are same like mine)

Ama, ai, apa nga pura sindey
(Grandma, mother and father I love you all)

E nga ku phama plikira new
(You all are like my parents)

Sacha singpa nala santi broma sindey
(I like roaming in this beautiful place)

Plang zongnarang  nam tshonarang,
(In a sunny or in a rainy day)

Kheray, asham, thang dev ku dumra
(Millet, maize and paddy field)

Chang, thangma, suja, I pura sindey.
(Wine, maize goody, butter tea I like them all)

Nogor nga bro du show, Nga dozorang thap rai
(I am leaving tomorrow, I will come soon)

Nga dangsarang zoodey gabonayang
(I will miss you so much when I am away)

Nga ku noksam thongma ku rawa new
(Hope you will miss me too)

Nga chum thaku botka leebu baysay zeega
(Till then, live well)

                                                          GOD BLESS THEM A LONG LIVE.
                                    I WISH ALL PEOPLE HAVE A HEART TO LOVE AND A MIND 
                                                      TO CARE LIKE I HAVE FOUND HERE!


  1. Wow! Heart-touching post sir. I can feel what kind of emotional state you are going trhough. Your post says it all. Loved reading it very much. Such moments of departure after long duration of togetherness are really heartbreaking and painful. Wish they get a teacher like you after you depart and you too meet with amazing people like them. Safe Journey to wherever you are going, sir. :)

  2. Good people are remembered no matter where they go, so they might definitely miss you for all the wonderful memories created during your presence. Hope the community will get a teacher like you once you leave. Cheers for your life ahead sir. Sadly, we would miss the updates and stories from those beautiful valleys of east.

  3. agree with leythro....good people will always be remembered.....u are lucky to hv spent such experiences in life....:)

  4. @ Langa Bro..yea its hard to leave. but as they say Live must go on...Thank you fro ur wishes..

    @ Sogyal bro and Leo sir,,,i just realized that i am the only blogger who blogs from a remote place..i will too miss the opportunity to write the simple yet heart touching stories from here...hope next 20 days brings some more stories from rural bhutan before i leave...Thanks for your visit and your comments

  5. wonderful feelings written down into words....enjoyed reading it...sir

  6. Just a same thought again to scratch your ears ;) "Good and worthy people are always remembered" and so you are the inspirations for all and more importantly to me :D, I pray you be successful and happy at all times of your life.

    Should there be no you, there would be no smiling faces in the children's naive face.

    Always a heart-touching Note!

  7. @ Kinleywangchuck...Thank you for the comment..

    @ Yeesi7 Thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging words..God Bless You..


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