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Wisdom I acquired from my wife’s Pregnancy

“Pregnancy Mentality” is the term I refer to the list of nine insights I was made to relearn after my wife got pregnant. The revelation of wisdom continues after birth too. I am here sharing in this post what I have relearnt.
Through this post I shall also inform you that how important and necessary it is to live our life with "Pregnancy Mentality". Why "Pregnancy Mentality"? Because Pregnancy and Life have similar demands and they need to be addressed with equal wisdom and dignity. Pregnancy taught me a lot. Folks! Are you also ready to relearn?

In this age of technology, with so much to pay attention to and a lot of distractions to tackle with, I find pure wisdom in living one’s life with "Pregnancy Mentality".

First let’s clearly define what 'Pregnancy Mentality' means? It's nothing but an approach of thinking and behavioral changes one exhibits during a planned Pregnancy. The husband is equally susceptible for change because the planned Pregnancy is like a joint venture happily endorsed to be worked out and monitored together to harvest its best of best  fruits.  

While in pregnancy a woman’s world changes so does her husband’s. The following are a set of wisdom which makes up the "Pregnancy Mentality" with which a couple steer their nine months journey. If this ‘mentality’ is inculcated one may also live a fruitful Life.


1. Every moment is precious: During planned Pregnancy we tend to be mindful of every minute. We take a lot of pictures celebrating togetherness, take pictures of the baby bump grow bigger each passing week and even write diary entries to mark every special moment: The positive test shown on the pregnancy testing kit, the first kick of the baby, the numerous shopping…to list a few. 

Similarly, you got to live only one life thus every moment is that precious. As the old adage says, ‘Live your life a King Size’. Remember this, we shall never come back. We got to do what we want to do and leave a legacy behind.  

2. You have full control over your diet: Ovia pregnancy mobile app did wonder for us. My wife Tara and I made best use of the app during her pregnancy period.

Search it in the Playstore. Mark my was and it is still useful app after the pregnancy too. 
The Mobile App recommends which vegetables, fruits and nuts to eat on weekly basis as required and needed for the baby to grow well. The app also instructs us what not to do, eat/drink. (I shall strongly recommend the App for couples who are in the process of planning to have a baby.)

In real life too, it’s that important to control diet so to lead a healthy life. Heart related diseases, obesity and Blood pressure are a few diseases we can keep under control if we monitor our diet. 

 3. Exercise is of great importance: During pregnancy exercise becomes very important to keep the mother’s metabolism strong and for efficient circulation of blood. Regular exercise builds strong muscles and bones which become ever more important as mother gradually gains weight. And this accumulated merits is all for the healthy growth of the bun in the oven.

It's needless to say how important has regular exercise in life has also become now. Many lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetics and obesity is caused due to lack of exercise.   

4. Be a complete resilient: Nine months of taking care of oneself, refraining from unsuitable activities and doing and eating only what is best for oneself and for the baby requires unprecedented resilience.

To achieve something big in life too we have to be resilient enough to tackle and overcome all obstacles in our life. We won’t be able to make it if we are not focused and resilient enough. 

5. Public relation becomes paramount importance: World is a global community thus we need people to people contact to make things happen.

Your relationship with your colleagues, friends, other family members and relatives becomes ever more important during times of need. Pregnancy is one such delicate event where constant support and guidance is of paramount importance.

In life too, business and success in lot many ways can be also credited to the quality of one’s PR skills. Because at the end of the day if you know how to handle human beings(clients) and their emotions things fall in place without much effort. Business then will only flourish. Success then will only follow you.

6. Relationship must get better: During pregnancy more care and love is been showered to either spouse not just because the heat of the moment demands but it oozes out so naturally. As they say, “Love remains literally in the air” during pregnancy. Relationship is thus taken to the next level which only helps the couple to handle situations that will ensue. Good or bad.

In life we must also always value relationship with our spouse, siblings, close relatives and parents. Why? Because when rest of the world disagrees and neglects you, the close family members and your spouse will always be there for you to accept and welcome you with arms wide open.

7. Engage in prayers and positivity: While the bun is still in the oven, offering prayers and cultivating positivity within becomes the norm because we want everything to go well and we be blessed with a healthy baby.

Similarly in life too you need to always rely on prayers and always be positive. For life, as you may know, has its own way to teach us lessons.  

8. One becomes ultra-responsible: Both husband and wife becomes ever more responsible during and after pregnancy.  They take responsibility for one’s health, for baby's health and his/her overall growth. They will not leave any stone unturned to give the best they can so that they get the best they want.

Being responsible in one’s career and in life too is that important. Without a sense of being responsible a lot many opportunities, privileges and promotions may easily dodge you.

 9. Need to have patience: In life this skill comes handy. One has to have this because whatever we do we need patience. Enough of it to make things work or enough of it to wait for things to happen.
That's me doing laundry almost a month  before the due date in preparation for the grand arrival. 
Likewise, preparation and patience particularly are traits we must have in leaps and bounds before and during pregnancy. Nine months is a long period. Enough to test your patience!
There you have it! The nine wisdom that makes up the “Pregnancy Mentality” which I learnt from my wife pregnancy.

Folks I wish to think that “Pregnancy Mentality” is not a theory or a concept: It is a living truth and thus a practical and equally beneficial behavioral approach to lead a productive and fruitful life. 

I shall end by sharing the line mentioned in the beginning that will surely sum up everything in one line: “Pregnancy and Life have similar demands and they need to be addressed with equal wisdom and dignity.” 

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