Monday, June 18, 2012

Trekking along the Tiger's nest( Tak-tshang Monastery).

My sudden visit to Paro Takshang yesterday turn out to be special..The breath taking scenery of Takshang , the invaluable religious significance and the serenity of the precincts brought me closer to myself..i could hear my heart beating, I could feel my heart lighter as I smile and I felt that each breath that I took was cleansing my soul...Enjoy the glimpses from the Tiger Nest:

Monks walking down from Takshang Monastery to Paro Valley for some shopping

The scenery that truly moved me...

In the basement of the Great Taktsang Monastery..
A magnificent waterfall can be seen behind that chorten.

Glory of Guru

Gateway to purification
Monks climbing back to the Monastery with some ration
It was completely a different experience of pilgrimage for me....for you (foreigners), i bet it will be a life changing COME VISIT OUR COUNTRY BHUTAN AND WALK TO THE GLORY OF GURU.....

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  1. Beautiful sceneries! The place where the God rest, there is peace.
    Walking uphill to Taktsang is all worth it.


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