Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On The Eve Of My Departure....

School  Captain presenting a gift to me.
  Caption not required!

 (Me in the center)Sharing some good old memories

A woman delivering Thanks giving speech on behalf on the community

Gifts from the community!
 I had the longest hugging session in my life..Aums, grandpas and grandmas were having tough time holding tears from their eyes.....few couldn't hold it... i shall never forget them in my life....God Bless Them All...


  1. Typical Bhutanese Farewell! I love it!
    And Sir, you got the best treatment from the communities. I pray you get the best of the accompaniments for the years to come and cherish the moment.

  2. incredible! cheers to your life ahead sir.

  3. they loved u immensely sir....the pics say it all...hop u keep de flame burnin :)

  4. Thank you all so much....the farewell hang over is still strong..Simply incredible.......

    Thank u all for the comments and for the visits..


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