Saturday, December 24, 2011


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In the bead of sweat running down his skin
Saw his past fading in him
Thick silver light of moon turned so thin
As the darkness prevailed in
It was lonely night and so terrific
Only his shadow’s there to lean

But a tender voice came in
As he was walking down the fen
It was nothing else
But call from the coffin

Clamor of dread grew in him
Pleaded courage stammering
His heart and soul lost restrain
As the darkness prevailed in
Neither his deeds nor heaven’s blessing
Only his terrible fate was keen

Again a tender voice came in
As he was wailing over his sin
It was nothing else
But call for the coffin

(Its a song i wrote for a local rock band ‘EPITAPH’ while I was doing my studies in ST. Joseph’s College, North Point, Darjeeling)

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  1. i remember you said you were into song writing and that was call from the coffin. i didnt get opportunity to listen to the whole thing i mean song sang by epitaph with your lyric.well if you have that do let know and if you free look for cup of coffee. tc buddy. keep writing you rock.


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