Tuesday, August 14, 2018

While I wait!

Among other gloomy visitors wishing to never ever return.
To hospital or to doctor.
I sit on a cold steel chair in the foyer. 
With a blank dull OPD sheet in my hand.
Call bell blares endlessly from inside the doctor's chamber.
While i wait for my turn outside
I am forced to retrospect on the following line,
'Hospital is akin to our life',

Like good friends, elders and our parents 
Doctors are our well wishers
They present to you the best possible way.
For they think good of us always. 

Prescribed drugs are doses of motivation and inspiration.
Aspiring human to perform better 
Like they subdue the bloated surface or kill harmful bacteria.
Removes your self-doubt and weaknesses
Making the perfect that you were or Sometime ever better. 

Diagnoses are failures in life
You then know what to do and to avoid.
You have better choices to make.
The destiny you wish to create.

Getting discharged from hospital bed is equal to learning a valuable lessons of life.
The 'second chances' you may call them.
It makes you realise how much you have missed from life.
The moments you can't pay to get them back.

Sadness and happiness 
Hope and desperation
Breath and breathless
Like the moments in our life
The hospital's corridors and
The whitewashed walls have heard and seen them all.

We have to wait for good news or for bad.
Be humble and always be positive .
Life and hospital aren't a pizza stand.
In life and in hospital
You only get what you need
And not what you want! 

I think..Life and hospital resemble  each other in many ways.
They complement each other too.
'Hospital is akin to our life'
My  this retrospection is brought to stand still
When I heard the call bell and saw my service  number on the screen
Thus I didn't have to wait anymore
To meet one life to make the other one better!

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