Monday, January 1, 2018

A letter to myself to jumpstart 2018!

Dear Gayatri Bhandari

For sure the year 2017 was very memorable for you. Thus, I would like to make a special announcement here. There can’t be better year than 2017 to start a sacred journey of writing a letter to you on the first day of each commencing year henceforth. Through the letter I would like to share my observations about how you justified the various roles you were deem to play as a responsible human being during the year 2017. Now without any further delay allow me to share.  

After leaving Trashi Yangtse in December 2011 you could meet again in 2017, though through Facebook, with all your students of Lichen Community Primary School where you had first begun your teaching career in the spring of 2010 and 2011. You must have given to the community more than you were paid for. The children had send Facebook friend request and you were ever ready to press the ‘Confirm’ button to accept their requests. Gayatri, the children that you had the privilege to teach have cherished each moment they had spent with you. Your genuine support lured them to connect with you after 6 years at least on the virtual world of Facebook and Messenger to know your whereabouts. They havn’t forgoten you. This only testifies that you had given your best in rendering your service as a teacher in a remote school. Life is rich if memories are. Cherish them. Treasure them.

The same spirit of contribution was seen in delivery of your duty in 2017. The preceding years were equally good but something more happened in 2017. It was a very successful academic year with many new initiates being institutionalized. With strong support from your teacher colleagues you could greatly involve yourself in conducting ‘Flag Day’ celebration, observing International Literacy Day, publication of School Magazine and conducting Mobile Film Competition. You got to thank enough the beautiful people you are blessed to be associated with. My best wishes for 2018 academic year friend!

This part of your story made me feel happy. Why? You had already spent seven long years and I didn’t want to see you leaving. I believe there is more that you can give. I am happy because you were also proactive in solidifying your career as an educationist in 2017. You wanted to earn a Teacher certification through your enrollment in Post Graduate Diploma in Education Course at Samtse College of Education. Because of the decision you made a year ago you have become better teacher today. Keep moving forward. Life will give you more if you give out more! 
The next two are milestones of your good life so far. 

It isn’t Tom, Dick and Harry’s cup of tea to write a book and get it published too. You could do it. And I am so proud of you. Friend, though it never could be a best seller as of now, you should always take pride for giving shape to your imagination in the form of a book. Hundreds of people only plan to write a book. 

I know the Proprietor of DSB Enterprise Mr. BP Bhatarai was generous enough to help you with the printing cost of the book but it was you who had put in all your creative juice to transform words and sentences into a story to share with the world. To help show a way to the lost ones. To make believe that gangsters and drug addicts need our support and intervention and not our swearing and ignorance. Your book entitled Eight: Nyingtob Tshering’s Amazing Journey couldn’t captivate the imagination of Bhutanese readers at large but you did what was right. A humble attempt from your side to correct the incorrect world. A personal legacy to be proud of. Don’t listen to the clatter of the world. It will test your patience and will leave no stone unturned to pull you down. You got to keep writing. Till the world gives you the due attention. Till the clatters are only in favor of you and your work. Till the world willingly give in or buy your idea.

Gayatri, I was very impressed while assessing the responsibilities you undertook and the very mindful decisions you made in your process of becoming a good father and a loving husband that you always dreamt of. Yes I am using the term ‘Process’ deliberately here because I know a lot of planning has gone into before you and Tara decided to be parents. Financial stability was number one priority. Only you and Tara understand it better. Thus collectively you and Tara had decided to put aside a special amount of money each month so you people could lavishly spend during the post-delivery period. That’s being wise and smart parents. Keep doing the best. 

For the following 9 months after Tara became pregnant I saw you responsibly taking care of what Tara should eat and what else she shouldn’t. The new sets of clothes for her to wear and the healthy and right fruits and vegetables to eat. From what good thoughts to think to what habits to avoid you were there to help her out. You didn’t let Tara do any household chores. You gave the best that you could. In fact you took more care of Tara during that beautiful 9 months and had often behaved like you had fallen in love with her again. That’s how it should be. You did what any loving husband should do during that period and you have passed the test with flying colors. And now like a real man you have been taking up responsibilities of a father. Both Tara and Yashayr are doing fine. Hats off friend. I am simply speechless. Keep rocking.

2018 is a brand new set of 360 plus days. Play tactfully! I should say. Yet you have to be humane in all roles you play. Keep showing gratitude. Always be humble.  Never give in or give up. Remain motivated and keep inspiring others. Be a caring son, best brother, a loving dad and husband, resourceful teacher and a responsible citizen.

With a promise that you would live your life fruitfully by making the best of all moments life has to offer you, allow me to take leave for now to meet you again on the first day of 2019! 


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