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Memories of May: The launch of my Book, Teachers Day and meeting my former students.

For teachers across our Nation the month of May starts with the celebration of Teachers Day coinciding the Birth anniversary of our beloved King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. As usual the school leaders coordinated the celebration supported strongly by student dancers, singers and performers to entertain us, their teachers, on the Teachers day. I enjoyed a lot. The homemade cards with handwritten messages, other valuable gifts from students and sumptuous lunch host by school leaders thoroughly pleased us.

At Druk we have a culture where Former students who have graduated from our school also join in to celebrate this special day with their teachers. They bring in some more cakes, sweet memories and warm hugs along with them. We cant ask any more than that. But something more was waiting particularly for me before I could call it a day!

It was already 3:30 PM in the afternoon of May 2nd. I expected nothing exciting to happen. But as luck would have it, my Book Publisher Mr. Bedu Prasad Bhattarai, the proprietor of DSB Enterprise text me to collect the copies of my much awaited Book Eight: Nyingtob Tsherings Amazing Journey from his book store.

He had printed 1000 copies to display for sell during the following Book Fairs in Mongar followed by another Book Fair in Punakha. He informed me to collect some copies to help sell it within my friend circle and colleagues at Druk School. The day then became too early to call off. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. And finally I could hold the copies of my book with fathomless contentment in my heart and escalated excitement in my spirit.

The Title of the Book gave me an instant idea on how my maiden book would be launched. Taking pictures of eight individuals who are akin to the eight characters in my book at eight different locations and sharing it on Facebook would be the strategy to launch my book. The idea thrilled me.

There I waswith full of energy and determination to execute this weird but low cost yet reaching to larger audience to launch my book. Like my protagonist of the book who is in his own amazing journey, I too embarked on a memorable and exciting journey of launching my book at eight different locations meeting eight different personalities and simultaneously selling my own book. I often announced to the strangers and friends alike that its fun selling ones own book. I went on to share with my friends that I would one day post an article in my blog with the title The Author who sold his own book.

Thus 2nd May was the first event to launch the book. On 5th may, which also happen to be my birthday, I dedicated the day to hold the 2nd event to launch the book. 3rd and 4th events were held on 12th and 25th May respectively. On 28th may, I could complete my 5th event to launch the book. 6th event was held on 2nd June and now I am left with two more events to complete the series of eight events to launch my maiden book. The upcoming locations and the personalities need to be withhold to let readers do some guess work.

On 8th May, apart from launching and selling books, I happen to receive a friend request from a young girl. Looking at her profile picture, her face absolutely looks familiar. We started chatting instantly and what I came to realize simply spellbound me.

The young girl who had sent me a friend request on Facebook happen to be Miss Sherab Lhamo my former student of Lichen community Primary school in Trashi Yangtse. I was her class teacher in the year 2010. We were meeting after 7 long years though on Facebook. And soon, on my request, she text me snapshots of her school mates Facebook profile.  I then could meet with the rest of my students of 2010 and 2011. They were studying in class IV and class V when I was working there as a Light Drukyul teacher.

It was and it is a very pleasing experience to chat with them and know where they are and to realize how much you as a teacher had been entrusted with this very responsible duty to make a difference in their lives. I dont claim to be the best teacher but I tell you they have many good memories to share with me.

My two years teaching experience at Lichen Community Primary School will always remain close to my heart as the school is my Alma Mater of my career as a teacher and a place where I could be a small part in many childrens life in their pursuit of greater dreams.

The month of May began and came to an end too in celebrating the special relationship of teacher and student. My book Eight: Nyingtob Tsherings Amazing Journey also in many ways celebrate the valuable relationship which is enjoyed between a teacher and a student. A sender and a receiver. An agent of Change and the Change itself. 

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