Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Walk to remember: Our first Wedding Anniversary.

By quarter to 6 yesterday morning, as crystal clear dew on our window glass were just dripping down, I was with a cup of warm milk tea ready to serve my wife. It’s unusual to find me up so early every day. But the importance of the day urged me to surprise at least my wife.

She was still nestled under the warm blanket like a baby. I slowly and carefully sneaked in, tucked her hair to uncover her face and there she smiled.

With wide smile on her face she quickly tightened her hair behind and I hand over the cup of tea. i kept looking at her as she took over and caressed the cup to take the first sip.

But before she took the sip she asked me to close in. I moved. She gave me a tight hug and wished me ‘A Happy Anniversary’.  I too wished her simultaneously with all my love for her.

On the courtyard of the Lhakhang
On our day’s agenda, we had only two important things to do. Visit Dechencholing Lhakhang and secondly to place an ordinary door lock somewhere in the wood near Dechencholing.
Smiling at me

The friendship at the backdrop is alive on the forefront too!

My younger sister had accompanied us on our ‘walk to remember’. We dressed ourselves appropriately for the Lhakhang’s visit, bought some offerings to offer and not to forget we took the lock along with its key with us.

My sister wished to provide refreshment on our journey so she bought some cold drinks, cup cakes and lots of sweets.

Captions not required....simply beautiful...

We entered the renowned Dechencoling Lhakhang. Offered our prayers to the God and expressed how thankful we are for all peaceful and blissful days we have spent all together since our wedding.

As we came out of the Lhakhang, we stroll down towards Dechencholing Palace. The presence of the Royal Palace, blue sky and the empty wide road of Dechencholing made us feel very calm and peace.

We savor each moment down the road till we finally spot a place to briefly settle for refreshment. We sat down on the bare ground. Dry pine needle-like leaves provided enough ease to sit and dine.

The Lock: Somewhere in the woods of Dechencholing.
Right after the refreshment, I took out the lock and the key and went on to search a place where I could place the lock. I found it. Placed the lock and turn the key in and locked it. 

For us the lock symbolizes unity,love and happiness and placing it on the living tree, we believe, will further strengthen our unity, deepen our love and expend our happiness as the tree grows taller and stronger.

The affair was simple and a quite one. But…… a very special for us.   

'Never let you go' kind of snap.

Most importantly, years down the line when the tree plant on which we have placed the lock has grown tall and strong we would have celebrated many more anniversaries. But we will have something to search for inside the woods of Dechencholing which symbolizes many things along with the "togetherness" in celebrating our first Wedding Anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary to u la! i liked the lock idea guys. great!! Wish u many more years of great happiness and bliss. Blessings!

  2. Dear Bro & sister-in-Law,
    I wish you very happy wedding anniversary and have happy coupled life.
    May GOD Bless you in very action you take.
    Once More Married Life Ahead.

    with kind regards,


  3. Happy Anniversary both of you, Wishing you both a successful Life ahead...God Bless you both :)

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! Keep blogging

  5. you guys are super cute! :) happy anniversary! the lock part is sweet!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your dear beautiful wife! Wish both of you happy always! :)

  7. happy anniversary! lock symbol is really interesting.

  8. Hello Sir,
    I know it's too late to wish you. Nonetheless, I don't want to miss not wishing you on your very special day. Wishing you on your First Wedding Anniversary!


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