Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A disguised fable of our ‘Padestrain Day Policy’!

The comic tells about not so comical issue (sketch: BO)

The recent and very sudden CHANGE in the Pedestrian Day Policy is obvious. The rectification was imminent. The ‘CHANGE’ has its own purpose and it was  custom designed to happen at this moment.

The CHANGE deserves to be understood bit differently here…..keeping the ELECTION TIME in focus. The sudden CHANGE in the pedestrian day policy is actually very simple to understand.  

‘The Pedestrian Day’ was initially in place for the protection of our environment but the CHANGE in the policy now is underpinned to help make the political stand of the ruling party more vibrant. How?

The CHANGE inspires to galvanize potential voters because the moment is very crucial for the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa- the ruling political party- for its own political future. The CHANGE comes in as one of the last minute strokes in five long years of office of the ruling party to make the ground beneath their feet more stable for the next general election.
No more walking to office...Pedestrian day is on  sun-day.

It is a very basic intention of any political party in power to soften with its own regulations and become more approachable to the general public and to their sentiments in times of election.

 It is more true for Druk Phuensum Tshogpa to do so when talks on the next general election has already started brewing in towns and cities, inside homes and on tv screen nation wide. The ‘CHANGE’ in the Padestrain Day Policy is just another political gimmick because a month or two of softness could lead them to another term in the office for next five long years.

I had once shared with my colleagues that the politicians in power at the moment won't mind attending our house warming parties if we happen to call them now. Reaching at home, they won’t leave any stone unturned to appear nice and easy. By their virtue of being the representative of our constituency, we won't leave anything to serve them well too…. They would seemly hesitate to accept our hospitality in the beginning but later all of us would be glued by their well-polished and sweet talk.

Coming back to the Padestrain Day Policy, the new resolution states that the first Sunday of a month will be observed as the pedestrian day henceforth. The beauty of the new resolution now lies only on it’s gimmicky nature. With this new approach, the purpose and the impact of its noble intention has been immensely reduced now. The need of the hour for the government is different so the approach won’t matter either. (God bless us all.)

When there were a lot of grievances among the general public on the stringent ‘Pedestrain Day Policy’ because of its impact on businesses, the government was reluctant to act then. Now the ruling party needs to meet its own end and as expected of a political party, it will also bring in a lot of schemes for the betterment of the citizens. Just wait and see….a lot of citizen friendly reforms must be in the pipeline of DPT to woo our votes. The new resolution on the pedestrian day is just the beginning.          

                                               BE WISE……….and ELECT WISELY!

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