Thursday, October 18, 2012

One year Celebration...

On Friday, a week ago, my students and I celebrated our one year of ‘togetherness’. It was the day to remember the good moments we have shared in the four walls of our classroom and to continue the good practices of helping each other and working hard for the common goal. 

I had asked each one of them to bring a cake for themselves. Kelly, the student who dreams to be a ‘fossil scientist’ bought a big and creamy cake for me too with a thank you note on it. His father came to hand over the cakes.

The October month did call for the celebration as the year is closing in and the annual exam for them is also approaching. I really wanted them to enjoy after the yearlong effort they have been putting in and to roll up their sleeves for the annual exam. 

I have seen tears rolling down on their cheeks, the sweet smile that brightens their face and the laughter that makes me always happy. The healthy sense of competition among them, the pride they take in helping their friends and how happily they work has only tightened the bundle of memories for the gone by year that I would always cherish with deep affection. 

The following Photographs show how we celebrated our “One year of Togetherness”. Enjoy….

Table full of happiness

Tsangma R Dorji moving his little fingers to entertain the whole class

My girls singing a local hit song.
Cakes, juice, sharing and enjoying

With smile, Master Kelly digs in his big cake like a "fossil scientist".
 # A big thank you goes to all the parents of my class for making this small yet memorable moment possible for me and for the children by sending us the cakes. Even bigger THANK YOU goes to Kelly's dad and mom for the delicious cake that not only sweetened my taste buds but also touched my heart. Thank you all once again.



  1. How sweet of them!
    Something very much out of the box...
    With their thoughtfulness intact future looks bright. The support from the parents is more touching. Congratulations!

  2. Lovely post. That was a sweet way to celebrate. Your students seems so lovely. :)

  3. @ Passu and LAnga Sir- yes, the moment was special and the moment got better with the presence of cheerful students and tasty cakes..Thanks for the visit la...

  4. Awww, the kids are looking awesome and it seems like they had so much.

    Congratulation on your one year teaching at Thimphu. I hope you have a Glory year ahead with much more sweet memories. :D


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