Friday, September 9, 2011

The Hunt is over

The meat shop at Trashiyangtse which is almost two hours walk from my place can hardly meet the demand of the local people. The shop is usually close during weekends due to the shortage of supply. And during the weekdays I am not able to go because of the distance.
I thought of asking my father who is in Samdrup Jongkhar to parcel me the thing.  But somehow dismissed the idea because I have never heard of raw chicken being parceled.
So, my hunt for chicken took me to all the hamlets of our school’s catchment area. There are five hamlets and all of them are approximately three kilometers away from my one roomed apartment. The routes to these hamlets are also not so easy. The marshy narrow passages, thick bushes and the leeches troubled me a bit but didn’t have the power to stop my strong craving for chicken.
Google Image: undressed and ready!
I came across a good number of hens and roosters scavenging during my visit to the hamlets but to no avail. My numerous requests to purchase one were rejected at once. They were adamant not to sell even one.  You know it; my requests were rejected on religious and Karmic ground. I was formally informed that it’s an evil deed to kill the ‘sentient being’.  Even more pressing reason was that if they do sell me one, they will have to share my deed. So the deal couldn’t happen.
Surprisingly, after a month or two of my hunt, the hamlets were deserted of hens and cooks.
I was told by the local people that a group of students from Bayling Higher Secondary School, Trashiyangtse had stolen the prized possession of the people. The hens were valued like the goose that laid golden eggs because one egg in the market cost them NU: 10.
As infamous the stealing was, my yesterday’s desperate visit to the only meat shop was a sort of VICTORY. Chicken was available abundantly.  You won’t believe me; I was drooling when I finally purchased one.
Steaming hot....yummy! yummy!
My hunt for chicken got over and the   r   e   s   t   is history!


  1. Good to hear you got the chicken but the school kids need to pay for what they done to the people.

  2. @ yeesi7 ..the people wanted to raise the issue but stepped back because one of the culprits was from their own community...The relationship is important than anything else..and Bhutanese r best know for it.

  3. hey ya i respect those people for not selling their chicken whatsoever to you. hehe :D


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