Friday, July 5, 2019

The story of a kitty cat and her kittens

Lately my fellow villagers have been uploading photos after photos of the destruction caused by wild elephants on their social networks in their desperate attempt to inform concern authorities so our common greviences could be heard loud and clear.

Admist this great disappointment and sleepless nights, I would like to share a story of humility and humanity. A story of love between human and animal: A Story of a Kitty and her kittens.

Well, this post may not help stop the wild elephants at large but it certainly will re-assure the spirit of humanity and advocate that kindness and humility shall triumph  forever and ever.

So here it goes.....You know how it rains in the South. Its inexplicable specially when in summer. 

On one such rainny day, my mom and dad were on their way for the regular work at our small areca nut orchard nearby our house.

Before they could reach the orchard they need to cross a thick tiger-grass bush. Thats where the real story begins: The 'inciting incident' so to say of this mega real life story.

As they approach towards the orchard, my mother heard a kitty cry somewhere inside that thick tiger-grass (or 'centella asiatica') bush. 

They could hear the kitty cry in the following three days too. They felt something is really not ok with the kitty. Thus they finally decided to get through the thick bush. 

And alas, as they expected, they found a plastic cement sack from where the crying sound of the kitty could be heard. 'Human can at times become so inhumane! Exclaimed my parents as they untangled themselves out of the thick bush with the mysterious sack in their hand. The unfortunate kitty is imprisoned inside the sack. 

Returning to an open space, they started to open the sack. The opening of the sack was fastened around its neck several times which made it almost impossible for my parents to open it. They had to cut the sack wide open with a sickle to finally let free the destitute kitty. Oh dear, though not so well but kitty is safe!

Now free from the heinous treatment...For next half an hour the kitty just couldn't move a bit. Her eye sight was also effected.  May be it must be because of the severe dehydration and starvation. 

Soon, they took her home and took real good care of her and fed her well too.

That was 7 months the fortunate kitty has two lovely kittens of her own and they live in our store room and happily play and run around with my son and nephew! 

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