Saturday, July 21, 2018

Loneliest cry

Loneliest cry of a differently abled 3 years old boy in my neighbourhood makes my heart ache. 

He has the loveliest smile on that lovely face flawlessly designed for  whoever walks across his small lawn.

His eyes move along with his wide-selfless smile on those  'moving' feet that he only wish to have.

He does have a pair of legs to call it so 
but are useless like those  memories that adorne his widow mother.

For his dad was too good for this world he had to leave him when he was too young in the arms of his ailing mother.

Now the ailing mother has a rich memories of her three years old son. His legs cant move but his smile and words move her enough. Touchs her heart and endlessly bring a pool of tears.

Like a loving mother she doesn't want to get separated from her only son. How much better he is taken care of she claims to give him the very best.

I know it's the warmth of a mother taking better of her now. The warmth is speaking aloud for her action but who knows the son would have wished for something different? When he gets the sense of the situation! 

I pray 'someone' with bigger heart walks across his small lawn someday soon.

Not to let his eyes and smile move along with those 'walking' feet but to hold him up and show a whole new world to him. 

For sure those wide-selfless smile will move you too 
Equally or even more i dont know But those loneliest cry of the differently abled 3 years old boy keeps aching my heart! 

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