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20: Four major exams are conducted round the year. First Term test, Mid- Term, Second Term test, the Annual exam and all classes from PP – X appear for 100 marks in each test and it’s of 2:15 minute’s papers. Tests are conducted weekly on first and second Term Tests with one subject weekly for PP-VI and two subjects for VII-X. Subject spelling tests are conducted daily bases.
They keep on writing....

21: The instructional classes are conducted from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are kept as off day though on alternative Saturdays, the management arranges some professional development programs for the faculty. 1st and 3rd Saturdays are considered as personal days for banking, medical etc…No body leaves the campus during school hours: 8:20 Am – 5:00 Pm.
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22: We have IE (inclusive educational) Periods included in the timetable at the last period of each working day. The purpose of it is to finish the incomplete tasks of the day. The practices for concerts and other school programs are also done within this IE period. No instructional time is wasted for extra- curricular activities.

On Field Trip...Me with my students
23: Each class in Druk School goes for a field trip at least once in each academic year. The field trips are also awarded to the classes which has 100% class attendance and to the classes which excels in academic performance.

24: At the beginning of each academic year, the school hosts a lavish Awards day function to honor excellence in academic and non-academic performance of the students in the previous year. The main objective behind the delayed function is to motivate the children to start working hard to excel in their studies right from the beginning of the new academic year and to allow the award winners to take a place of respect. The beauty of this function is that the parents get the honor of presenting the certificates of merit to their own child.

25: Class teachers eat their lunch with their students inside the class room. Table napkin is imperative for each child to use while dining. Wednesdays are observed as GREEN DAY where children and teachers are expected to bring any green vegetables to eat. We are also expected to wear GREEN on this day.
Lunch with children always taste delicious...

26: Female Care givers look after the overall well being of the primary students. They look after children while they visit toilet, help tie their shoe laces, help them wear their uniform properly, wash their hands and keep the classrooms clean.

27: Special classes on Arts and Crafts, Health and Physical Education, information Technology, Music and library classes are spread throughout a week’s timetable. Classes PP-X has one of these special classes in a day. These classes are in cooperated to provide a space for children to learn new skills and to make the work days more fun.

Music class on progress
28: At least four teachers and school prefects are deployed on the parking lot of Druk School every morning. The purpose of the Teachers on Parking Duty is to ensure the safety of our children in the morning rush hour. Respective points are installed to drop their children and exit the parking lot. The Teachers on Parking Duty happily opens the door of the cars (for small children) and help our small Drukains come out and walk to their alma mater. With a smile on our faces we welcome the child for the day and silently assure the parents that their child will remain happy or will be happier at the end of the day when parents come to pick them up.

I once jokingly told to my colleagues that the beauty of the parking duty is that it allow my hands to get hold of the cars that I won’t even buy in my dreams!

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