Saturday, August 10, 2013

In the mild cold of Darjeeling

Picture Perfect Darjeeling 

The following piece of feeling was penned down during my college days. This lyric (hope it sounds correct for the write up presented below) was meant for a music video which could never be filmed. i guess i was too busy in other stuffs. 

But this morning i found it tacked between my academic certificates. And going through it i felt happy for being at home but gradually my happiness was tainted by realizing the tremendous upheaval in Darjeeling (in the recent times).

This write up, call it a poem, lyric, you name it...but i wish to offer it as a sincere gratitude for letting us (foreign students) learn and grow in the mesmerizing beauty of Darjeeling. It also aspires to be a prayer that would help fulfill the 'aspiration for a separate state' and bring peace and happiness back to the Hills of Darjeeling; the place we would love to visit again.    
St,Joseph's College, NP, Darjeeling
Under the shadow of our college
Surrounded with mountains and hills
With people so kind and loving
Their culture so rich and pleasing

Darjeeling town
All it makes us feel
We are back home and living
It really churns out such a feeling
In the mild cold of Darjeeling

Under the banner of humanity
People live in the cream of harmony
Takes immense pride to celebrate
Their rituals with great excitement

People of Darjeeling
Whenever we close our longing eyes
We feel you are by our side
Whenever we see the blue sky
And feel the cold breeze blowing by

Our heart shed tears inside
“Miles apart” when this we realize
It really churns out such a feeling
In the mild cold of Darjeeling

Our heart keeps on missing you
As we are living far away from you
So we long for you each night and day
And there is emptiness in each day
In the shape of you
Oh! My Country; Bhutan you!
Photo courtesy: Google.

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  1. Amazing! Darjeeling is beautiful and so is Bhutan.
    Now, I am half home-sick too. Well, well, well, I can't deny the fact that love where I am right now...


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